Fruitful: Cultivating a Spiritual Harvest That Won't Leave You Empty

Edited by Megan Hill, Melissa B. Kruger, Contributions by Lydia Brownback, Courtney Doctor, Lindsey Carlson, Trillia Newbell, Winfree Brisley, Abbey Wedgeworth, Blair Linne, Sharonda Cooper

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A Devotional for Harvesting God-Given Spiritual Fruits 

As Christians, we long for a spiritually fruitful life. However, our attempts to work more and hustle harder only leave us feeling weary and worn. Thankfully, God’s word supplies the nourishment we so desperately need. As we abide in Jesus, he fills our emptiness with an abundant crop of spiritual fruit.

Through the trusted voices of several female bestselling authors, editors, and Bible teachers, this 40-day devotional explores each of the 9 fruits of the Spirit found in Galatians 5. Every daily reading includes a related verse to ponder, a theologically rich reflection, additional Bible passages to read, and a prayer. This short format provides readers with an easy-to-use devotional resource, filled with substantial biblical counsel for harvesting God-given spiritual fruit. 

  • Unpacks Each Fruit of the Spirit: Pulling content from Galatians 5 and other Scripture passages, this book is deeply biblical and theologically rich 
  • Great for Individuals and Groups: Devotions are perfect for personal reading or as a tool to encourage a group of friends 
  • Devotional: Each of the 40 readings includes reflections, responses, and prayers
  • Recipes: Recipes from the contributors’ kitchens for fruit dishes to make at home
  • Contributions by Trusted Voices: Melissa Kruger, Abbey Wedgeworth, Lydia Brownback, Courtney Doctor, Megan Hill, Winfree Brisley, Lindsey Carlson, Blair Linne, Trillia Newbell, and Sharonda Cooper

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Megan Hill

Megan Hill (BA, Grove City College) is the author of several books, including Praying TogetherA Place to Belong; and Meg Is Not Alone. She also serves as the managing editor for the Gospel Coalition. A pastor’s wife and a pastor’s daughter, she lives in Massachusetts with her husband and four children, where they belong to West Springfield Covenant Community Church (PCA).

Melissa B. Kruger

Melissa Kruger (BA, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) serves as vice president of discipleship programming for the Gospel Coalition (TGC). She’s the author of multiple books, including The Envy of Eve; Walking with God in the Season of Motherhood; Growing Together; and Wherever You Go, I Want You to Know. Her husband, Mike, is the president of Reformed Theological Seminary, Charlotte, and they have three children.

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Table of Contents


Day 1: Pursue a Better Dream

Day 2: Love Begins with God
Day 3: Love Came Down
Day 4: Love Changes Everything
Day 5: Let Love Be Genuine
Something to Savor: Best-Ever Raspberry Muffins
Day 6: True Joy Doesn’t Fade
Day 7: Jesus Has This
Day 8: Find Joy When Life Hurts
Day 9: Rejoice Always
Something to Savor: Mama Too’s Summer Peach Pie
Day 10: God Designed You for Peace
Day 11: You Need Two Kinds of Peace
Day 12: Peace Comes from Trust
Day 13: Be at Peace with All
Something to Savor: Apple Breakfast Grain Bowl
Day 14: Abide in Jesus
Day 15: Wait on the Lord
Day 16: Look in the Right Direction
Day 17: Enroll in the School of Patience
Day 18: Time Is Short
Something to Savor: Farmstand Blueberry Cobbler
Day 19: Kindness Might Surprise You
Day 20: Jesus Frees You to Be Kind
Day 21: Put Off and Put On
Day 22: Kindness Is Not Random
Something to Savor: Raspberry Sorbet

Day 23: Show Us Your Goodness
Day 24: Goodness Requires Practice
Day 25: Goodness Looks Good on You
Day 26: Share the Goodness!
Something to Savor: Summer Fruit Cobbler
Day 27: Suffering Leads to Fruitfulness

Day 28: Take Small Steps toward God
Day 29: Suffer Faithfully
Day 30: Don’t Wear the Faithfulness Mask
Day 31: Faithfulness Isn’t a Lonely Fruit
Something to Savor: Blackberry and Plum Jam

Day 32: The Spirit Makes Us Gentle
Day 33: Suffering People Need a Gentle Savior
Day 34: Gentleness Is Your Calling
Day 35: Gentleness Helps Others Honor God
Something to Savor: Winter Fruit Salad with Lemon-Poppyseed Dressing
Day 36: Learn to Say No
Day 37: Only Eat the Best Bread
Day 38: Self-Control Keeps You Safe
Day 39: Self-Control Bears Fruit
Something to Savor: Perfect Cranberry Sauce
Day 40: Flourish with Fruit for Tomorrow

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“Everyone wants to be a better person. But how do we grow? Fruitful is an accessible and helpful walk through the fruit of the Spirit, reminding us that self-help won’t save us or grow us. Through rooting us in Scripture, guided prayers, reflection questions, and even fun recipes, we see that the slow plod of abiding in the vine is the path toward fruitful living.”
Courtney Reissig, author, Teach Me to Feel: Worshiping through the Psalms in Every Season of Life

“In a world full of emptiness, we need a better, more lasting pursuit. This is the promise of Christ who brings forth within God’s people all the fruitfulness of his Holy Spirit—a gift we both receive and cultivate by faith. Fruitful has helped me pursue such a spiritual harvest with its short meditations on God’s word, thought-provoking reflections, and written prayers. I highly recommend it to you.”
Kristen Wetherell, author, Help for the Hungry Soul and the For the Bible Tells Me So board book series

Fruitful has helped me pursue such a spiritual harvest with its short meditations on God’s word, thought-provoking reflections, and written prayers. I highly recommend it to you.”

Kristen Wetherell

author, Help for the Hungry Soul and the For the Bible Tells Me So board book series