You're Not Crazy: Gospel Sanity for Weary Churches

By Ray Ortlund, Sam Allberry

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Practical Advice for Weary Leaders Who Want a Gospel-Centered Culture for Their Church

Being a pastor is hard. Whether it’s relational difficulties in the congregation, the increasingly hostile attitude towards church, or just the struggle to continue in ministry with joy and faithfulness, the pressure on leaders can be truly overwhelming. It’s no surprise that pastors are burned out, tempted to give up, or think they’re going crazy.

In this practical guide, seasoned pastors Ray Ortlund and Sam Allberry help weary leaders renew their love for ministry by equipping them to build a gospel-centered culture into every aspect of their churches. Emphasizing the importance of healthy doctrine, they explain that failing to also nurture a healthy culture can be frustrating, polarizing, and even unbiblical. This encouraging guide features Scripture-focused advice on honesty, honor, preaching, leadership, and mission to support leaders and help them regain a beautiful, Christ-centered vision for their ministries. 

  • A Great Resource for Pastors, Church Planters, and Seminary Students: Encourages weary church leaders with Christ-centered advice on hospitality, discipleship, preaching, and more
  • Valuable Ministry Insights: Each chapter features discussion questions and a brief, engaging conversation between the authors about the topic
  • By Pastors Ray Ortlund and Sam Allberry: Expanding on their podcast, You’re Not Crazy


Ray Ortlund

Ray Ortlund is the president of Renewal Ministries, the pastor to pastors at Immanuel  Nashville Church, and a canon theologian with the Anglican Church in North America. He is the author of several books, including The Death of Porn; the Preaching the Word commentaries on Isaiah and Proverbs; and Marriage and the Mystery of the Gospel. He is also a contributor to the ESV Study Bible. Ray and his wife, Jani, have been married for fifty years.

Sam Allberry

Sam Allberry is a pastor based at Immanuel Nashville Church in Nashville, Tennessee. He is also a canon theologian for the Anglican Church in North America, and a senior fellow at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics. He is the author of 7 Myths about Singleness; Is God Anti-Gay?; and What God Has to Say about Our Bodies.

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Published: October 03, 2023

Table of Contents

Foreword by Dr. Russell Moore

Chapter 1: What Is Gospel Culture, and Why Does It Matter?                                 
Chapter 2: Open the Doors, Open Your Heart (A Culture of Gospel Welcome)
Chapter 3: Come into the Light (A Culture of Gospel Honesty)
Chapter 4: See the Glory! (A Culture of Gospel Honor)
Chapter 5: Christ Preaching Christ (A Culture of Gospel Invitation)
Chapter 6: Leave Behind Lord-It-Over Leadership (A Culture Guided by Gentle Shepherds)
Chapter 7: Make Your Church’s Love Obvious (A Culture Fueled by Renewal and Mission)

Conclusion                                      Acknowledgements              
Afterword by Bishop Clark Lowenfield