Questioning Faith: Indirect Journeys of Belief through Terrains of Doubt

By Randy Newman

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Sort through Your Questions and Find a Path from Doubt to Faith

Do you have honest questions about faith? Or have you walked away from faith altogether? Perhaps you’ve been part of a faith tradition, but you’ve begun to question parts of what you’ve been taught. Students and young professionals today are submerged in a culture of cynicism and doubt. Many identify as nonreligious but wrestle with questions about God’s existence, the meaning of life, and whether it’s possible to find goodness and beauty in this world.

After 40 years listening to hundreds of people’s stories of faith, Randy Newman has come to see that answering spiritual questions usually involves a series of twists and turns, not a direct ascent from one belief to another. Our political view, family background, understanding of sexuality, and religious background all play a part in our faith journeys. If you or a friend are navigating terrains of doubt, you’ll find Newman to be a faithful guide. He’ll help you sort through your many questions and find solid answers.  

  • Culturally Aware: Touches on matters of morality, identity, suffering, sexuality, and science
  • Accessible: Newman mixes thought-provoking anecdotes with a clear and compelling message about the Christian faith
  • A Tool for Winsome Apologetics: Written to help those who doubt to answer their questions about the Christian faith; will also help Christians strengthen their beliefs and share them with doubting friends
  • Written by Randy Newman: Senior fellow for apologetics and evangelism at the C. S. Lewis Institute

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Randy Newman

Randy Newman (1956–2024) served as senior fellow for apologetics and evangelism at the C. S. Lewis Institute, and was formerly on staff with Cru. He authored several books, including Questioning FaithQuestioning Evangelism; and Bringing the Gospel Home

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Published: February 27, 2024

Table of Contents

Introduction: Through Many Twists and Turns
Chapter 1: The Question of Motives
What If We Aren’t Blank Slates?
Chapter 2: The Question of Trust
What If Faith Is Inevitable, Not Optional?
Chapter 3: The Question of Confidence
What If Absolute Certainty Isn’t Necessary?
Chapter 4: The Question of Differences
What If Our Similarities Aren’t as Helpful as We Think?
Chapter 5: The Question of Pain
What If We Need More Than Reasons?
Chapter 6: The Question of Pleasure
What If There’s More to Beauty than Meets the Eye?
Conclusion: How Will You Respond?
Appendix : What Are Some Good Next Steps?
General Index
Scripture Index


“l found this book riveting, not least because Randy Newman has given so much of his life to really hearing people’s stories. He has listened to their questions and is deeply engaged with their convictions and emotions. The result is a book that profoundly and humanely engages with what is going on beneath the surface in our culture.”
Rico Tice, Cofounder, Christianity Explored; author, Capturing God; Finding More; and The Ultimate Christmas Wishlist

“Atheists like me, and other religious skeptics, are sometimes quick to dismiss popular apologies of traditional Christian faith. But this can be unfair, and in the case of Randy Newman’s new book, it would be. The book is well argued, well informed, and thought-provoking. It is also, I might add, not Pollyannaish. Newman readily acknowledges the weaknesses and uncertainties of some of his arguments but insists that the other side faces even greater problems. As to whether he successfully makes his case—well, the issues here are complicated. Newman does make a strong case that the virtues of faith cannot easily be dismissed. But the virtue that I think matters most is epistemic virtue. Does faith produce knowledge, or at least rational belief, more rational than its denial? Newman offers some interesting and thought-provoking arguments that it does, but I don’t think those arguments ultimately succeed. Still, the book is worthy of serious consideration, and I very much recommend it, including to religious skeptics like me.”
Emmett L. Holman, Associate Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, George Mason University

“A book like this will be enormously helpful, and Randy Newman is the right person to write it. Questioning Faith addresses many of the questions people ask as they consider Christ, and it does so with insight, compassion, sensitivity, and humor. I expect I’ll be giving away copies often.”
Mike McKinley, Pastor, Sterling Park Baptist Church, Sterling, Virginia; author, Friendship with God

“Cynicism and unbelief are easy, particularly when they are trending. But then what do you believe? Do you have any roots or anchor, or do you drift with the ever-changing sentiments of society? Do you have any solid, satisfying hope, any spark of joy in your soul deep enough to withstand life’s successive waves of disappointment and pain? Randy Newman is a reliable voice to engage people who are questioning faith and looking for lasting answers. He himself has journeyed through terrains of doubt. He knows how to help the fainthearted. He has mercy on those who raise tough questions. He has patience to follow the twists and turns of your own story—and to invite you to explore ultimate questions about its destination.”
David Mathis, Senior Teacher and Executive Editor,; Pastor, Cities Church, Saint Paul, Minnesota; author, Rich Wounds

“In a time of instant outrage, Randy Newman delves into the most divisive of topics with refreshingly earnest, patient, and contemplative attention. This book offers an examination of the self whose usefulness extends far beyond the scope of religious discourse alone. This exploration of faith and the human experience is a great model for how to learn about yourself and the world through discourse.”
Samuel Nealy, Assistant State Director, Virginia, American Atheists

“I remember searching for inner peace. Even more, I was hoping to find some way of making sense of my life, the modern world, and my Jewish upbringing. Somehow, I knew in the depth of my soul that part of the solution to these deeper questions would involve my Creator. I was raised to believe in God, but in fact I was far from faith. It is too bad Questioning Faith was not around at that time, as it would have sped up the discovery of an intimate and personal relationship with God that I have enjoyed now for many years. If you are searching, Randy Newman’s new volume will help you find what you are looking for—and more!”
Mitch Glaser, President, Chosen People Ministries

"Questioning Faith addresses many of the questions people ask as they consider Christ, and it does so with insight, compassion, sensitivity, and humor. I expect I’ll be giving away copies often.”

Mike McKinley

Pastor, Sterling Park Baptist Church, Sterling, Virginia; author, Friendship with God