God’s Purpose for the Psalms

A Reflection of God Himself

It’s kind of interesting, when we think about it, that God did not give us the psalms—his way for us to pray to him—by giving us a list. In the psalms, he didn’t give us a story. What he gave us are songs. He gave us poetry, which itself reflects the beauty of God himself and how he wants to enchant, allure, woo, and draw us up into him.

In the Lord I Take Refuge

Dane Ortlund

In the Lord I Take Refuge invites readers to experience the Psalms in a new and refreshing way, featuring devotional content written by Dane Ortlund.

He is supreme beauty. He has given us these gorgeous poems to pray to lift us up into beauty—to change us, to glorify us, and lift us up in deeper glory. He wants us not to be drawn down in the way that sin is pulling us down in the gutter of this world. He wants to lift us up.

We were made to be glorious, to rule and reign as God’s very image in this world.

We were made to be glorious, to rule and reign as God’s very image in this world. The psalms powerfully encourage us, help, and empower us to do just that by being songs and poems.

Dane C. Ortlund is the author of In the Lord I Take Refuge: 150 Devotions through the Psalms.

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