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High-Quality Production and Materials

Learn more about the materials and production processes behind Crossway Bibles by reading about what goes into choices for Bible paper, cover materials, binding and gilding, and typesetting.

Bible Paper

There are multiple components that make up every Bible—a cover, binding, typesetting, and more. Bible paper plays an essential, yet often underappreciated, role in the reading experience. For example, the type of paper chosen has an impact on the thickness of the Bible and the show-through of each page.

The following guide summarizes the various paper options to ensure clarity in the Bible selection process.

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Cover Materials

Crossway is committed to distributing God’s Word to God’s people in a variety of different formats. To achieve this goal, ESV Bibles feature a wide range of cover materials, from paperback to premium goatskin and many options in between.

The following guide gives a brief description of the different cover materials offered, beginning with the most cost-effective options and ending with premium leathers.

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Binding and Gilding

Crossway’s mission is to further the kingdom of God through the distribution of his Word. This calling is reflected in the careful considerations made in every step of the production process, from the cover material to the paper quality to the binding style.

The following guide summarizes the key terms related to the binding process and explains the two binding types (Smyth-sewn and glued) to ensure clarity in the Bible selection process.

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Typesetting and Readability

A critical component of every ESV Bible is the typesetting, which is the careful arrangement of the printed text on the page. There are multiple factors that go into the process of laying out the text, including readability, size, and any added material (study notes, cross-references, maps, etc.). It’s the job of the typesetter to ensure that each page is easy to read and aesthetically pleasing.

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