One Great Encouragement to Spend Personal Time With the Lord

Jesus's Time with His Father

I think the model here is the Lord Jesus. He spent time with his disciples, teaching and praying with them. But we read often in the Gospels that he would get up early in the morning and go away to a quiet place to spend time with his Father. He was clearly spending time in prayer with him, hearing from his Father, and meditating on the Old Testament.

Be Thou My Vision

Jonathan Gibson

Designed to be read in 15–20 minutes a day, this liturgical devotional guide will give readers focus and purpose in their daily quiet time while teaching them historical prayers, creeds, and catechisms that point them to Christ.

So I think the Lord Jesus is our great example, but he's also our great encourager. He's the one who encourages us not just to say the Lord's Prayer together at church, but also to go to our room, to shut the door, and to pray to our Father in heaven. I think that's the most explicit part of the Bible that we have that would encourage us toward a personal time with the Lord, and we have our Savior, the Lord Jesus, setting that example for us.

Jonathan Gibson is the author of Be Thou My Vision: A Liturgy for Daily Worship.

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