Why Do We Need a Liturgy for Our Daily Worship?

Recognizing the Liturgy You Have

I think we've already got a liturgy for our daily devotions. It's like church liturgy. It's not whether or not your church has a liturgy, it's just which kind of liturgy it has. And it's the same for our daily devotions. I think most of us have a liturgy of a quick prayer to open our time with the Lord, read the Bible, and then pray a list of petitions. That in and of itself is a liturgy: prayer, Bible reading, intercessory prayer.

Be Thou My Vision

Jonathan Gibson

Designed to be read in 15–20 minutes a day, this liturgical devotional guide will give readers focus and purpose in their daily quiet time while teaching them historical prayers, creeds, and catechisms that point them to Christ.

What I've tried to do in Be Thou My Vision is enrich the liturgy that we already have with a call to worship, with prayers of adoration, confession, illumination, intercession, and the Lord's Prayer. So it's not whether or not you're going to have a liturgy for your daily quiet time, it's just which kind of liturgy you're going to have.

Jonathan Gibson is the author of Be Thou My Vision: A Liturgy for Daily Worship.

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Jonathan Gibson

Given that liturgy concerns the order of worship elements in a church service, it’s not whether a church has a liturgy; it’s just which liturgy the church has.

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