Opportunities to Care for the Poor and Needy Are Closer Than You Think

Everyone Needs the Gospel

When we think of mission, we usually think about things like going overseas on missions trips or running charitable organizations. Those things are good, and God does call people to those things. But what can be frustrating for some of us is that we still have dishes to do and we have children to raise and we have laundry to fold. So we can get caught up in feeling like, Well, I guess the mission is just for those other people, and it’s not for me.

And I think that’s a lie that misses just how pervasive God’s mission is—how much it wants to affect every aspect of life. All of us are living in places where people need the gospel. All of us know people who are hurting and experiencing pain and need the comfort of the gospel.

Go and Do Likewise

Amy DiMarcangelo

In Go and Do Likewise, Amy DiMarcangelo explores how the gospel compels Christians to extend God’s mercy in their everyday life—displaying his compassion, justice, generosity, and love to those who need it most.  

There really is mission in your kids’ little league, in your local schools, and at your place of work. There is mission everywhere. And so we want to foster eyes that are open to see. We are looking for where there’s pain, we’re looking for where there’s brokenness right close by to us.

We don’t have this vision of it only being this grand and dramatic thing that a select few do. This is something God has called and equipped every believer for. So that might look like teaching your children about caring for the poor while you fold laundry. That might look like going next door to your widowed neighbor and spending time with her because she’s lonely. There are ways for you—in whatever season you’re in and whatever mundane activities you have to get done every day—to live for the mission of Christ.

Amy DiMarcangelo is the author of Go and Do Likewise: A Call to Follow Jesus in a Life of Mercy and Mission.

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