The Church’s Role in Making Abortion Unthinkable and Unnecessary

Lives Lost

Since abortion was legalized in 1973, over 62 million babies have lost their lives. That means 62 million times or more a woman has made the decision—or felt like she had to make the decision—to end the life that she was carrying. Sixty-two million irreplaceable, unrepeatable lives. Our world has been denied the opportunity to know these precious souls and to be impacted for the good by these babies.

Cultural Counterfeits

Jen Oshman

Jen Oshman casts a vision for women to reject the idols of our age and find real hope in Jesus, embracing their identity in Christ and recovering his design and purpose for their lives. 


Not only have we lost those 62 million babies, but these women have also endured incredible trauma. Our culture wants to laud abortion as a right and a choice—even as necessity—in order for a woman to be successful and to be who she really wants to be. But here’s what’s true about abortion: it’s incredibly destructive to the mother, too.

Our God laid himself down for us. He gave his life for us.

Studies show that for women who have an abortion, their suicidality increases by 155 percent. Studies also show that about 80 percent of women would not have chosen abortion if they had felt more supported. So my call to the church, then, is How can we seek life? How can we come alongside vulnerable women, vulnerable children, vulnerable families, and how can we be people who help them seek life? How can we be a culture that makes abortion not only unthinkable, but unnecessary—just something that’s not even on the agenda because we are a church and a people in a community that comes around the vulnerable population?

Our God laid himself down for us. He gave his life for us. So whenever we take life for our own purposes, it is deadly, both to bodies and to souls.

Jen Oshman is the author of Cultural Counterfeits: Confronting 5 Empty Promises of Our Age and How We Were Made for So Much More.

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