The One Thing That Will Free You from FOMO

No Regrets

I think a lot of people live with a lot of FOMO—the fear of missing out. They’re always thinking things like, Well, if I don’t do this, then I can’t do that. They have all this regret. I feel like a heavenly mindset frees us from FOMO. When we think about our life in the new heaven and the new earth and our life in heaven with the Lord, we’re really not missing out on anything in this life.

When we’re sitting before the majesty and the beauty of Jesus, there's going to be no thought of I wish I had made that trip or I wish I had dated that girl or anything like that.


Cameron Cole

Pastor Cameron Cole shares his personal story of grief, as well as the apostle Paul’s theology of heaven in Scripture, to show how heavenly mindedness transforms the daily lives of Christians.

An eternal mindset frees you from all this FOMO. It also frees you from a meaningless life. A lot of people just think about their life as saving up enough money so they can retire, or just getting through every workday, or whatever it may be. They don’t think about how anything that we’re doing for the glory of the Lord day in and day out has eternal significance. It has reward in heaven above.

I’ve just found that the more heavenward my life has become, the more meaning I’ve found in mundane things, and the more motivated I’ve been to serve the Lord. So I really do think that living with a heavenly mindset frees us from FOMO, and it frees us from a life that feels meaningless and futile.

Cameron Cole is the author of Heavenward: How Eternity Can Change Your Life on Earth.

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