The Sabbath: A 5-Day Devotional

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What Does It Mean?

What does it mean to take a Sabbath? Does it mean no cooking? No yard work? Does this Old Testament law even practically apply today?

In The Ten Commandments: What They Mean, Why They Matter, and Why We Should Obey Them, author Kevin DeYoung says:

Every one of the Ten Commandments is still binding, and every one has been deepened and transformed by the coming of Christ, this commandment more noticeably than the others. This is why Christians have not always agreed on how to obey the fourth commandment, or on whether the commandment needs to be kept at all.

Christian Ethics

Christian Ethics

Wayne Grudem

Best-selling author Wayne Grudem explains in 42 thorough chapters what the Bible says about ethical questions regarding marriage, government, abortion, and dozens of other issues in this highly practical, biblically based volume on Christian ethics.

True Sabbath Rest

In this five-day devotional adapted from Christian Ethics: An Introduction to Biblical Moral Reasoning by Wayne Grudem, explore what the Bible has to say about keeping the law and trusting in the work of Christ.

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