Theologians on the Christian Life Series

About the Series

The Theologians on the Christian Life series, edited by Stephen J. Nichols and Justin Taylor, provides accessible introductions to some of church history’s greatest teachers, exploring their personal lives and writings, especially as they pertain to the walk of faith, and gives insights into how each one viewed the Christian life. Organized around themes that characterized their lives and teachings, these portraits of famous theologians are more than biographies—they are wisdom from the past for life in the present.


  • Serve as accessible guides to the life and thought of an influential Christian leader from history
  • Uniquely look to the theology and spirituality of past Christians to inform how we should live today
  • Focus on physical, theological, and spiritual factors to paint a holistic portrait of each Christian figure


“On the one hand, there is theology; on the other hand, there is spirituality—and never the twain shall meet, except perhaps accidentally. That, at least, is the common perception. This series puts the lie to the popular polarization. The theologians treated in this series do not add ‘spirituality’ to their theology, as if it were an optional extra. Rather, theology and spirituality are so intertwined, as these theologians gladly bend their minds and hearts under Scripture, that it is utterly impossible to have one without the other. And thereby they teach us, by their modeling, what theology and spirituality should be.”
D. A. Carson, Research Professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

“Evangelicals tend to think that we invented discipleship ministry in the mid-twentieth century. Truth be told, however, churchly theologians have long been keen about infusing Christian practice with the wisdom of the Lord. This excellent series does just that. These books are far more than biographies. They are guides to daily living that help us learn from some of the wisest life coaches the Christian church has ever had.”
Douglas A. Sweeney, Professor of Church History, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

“I am grateful for Crossway’s innovative Theologians on the Christian Life series. No mere biographies, these books reveal how some of history’s greatest pastors and scholars—luminaries such as Augustine, Calvin, and Edwards—weave together the life of the mind and the heart in practical devotion to the triune God.”
Thomas S. Kidd, Professor of History, Baylor University; author, The Great Awakening

“I love biography and history. But it’s not always apparent how I can apply their lessons and insights to my life today. That’s why I’m thankful for the Theologians on the Christian Life series. In these books, today’s top scholars search for treasure in the writing of some of history’s most remarkable Christians and share the bounty with us. Get these books and watch them invigorate your spiritual life.”
Collin Hansen, Editorial Director, The Gospel Coalition; author, Young, Restless, Reformed: A Journalist’s Journey with the New Calvinists

Books in the Series

Schaeffer on the Christian Life

William Edgar

Exploring the views of Francis Schaeffer on the Christian life, Edgar helps readers strive after the same kind of marriage of thought and life, of orthodoxy and love.

Bonhoeffer on the Christian Life

Stephen J. Nichols

An accessible tour of the life and work of Germany’s famous theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer. This book explores the nature of fellowship, the costliness of grace, and the necessity of obedience.

Wesley on the Christian Life

Fred Sanders

John Wesley stands as one of the most significant Christian thinkers since the Reformation. From prevenient grace to Christian perfection, Sanders guides readers through key facets of Wesley’s theology.

Newton on the Christian Life

Tony Reinke

Exploring the life of a slave trader turned hymn writer, this book looks to the pastoral legacy of John Newton, whose hundreds of extant letters offer modern Christians valuable insights into the Christian life.

Lloyd-Jones on the Christian Life

Jason C. Meyer

Jason Meyer highlights the life of Martyn Lloyd-Jones, regarded as one of the most powerful preachers of the twentieth century, teaching us the importance of the union between doctrine and life.

Luther on the Christian Life

Carl R. Trueman

Offering readers an accessible portrait of Martin Luther’s life and theology, this book explores the impact of his cross-centered theology on living the Christian life.

Edwards on the Christian Life

Dane Ortlund

Offering readers an accessible portrait of Jonathan Edwards’s life and theology, this book highlights the central role of beauty in his understanding of the Christian life.

Owen on the Christian Life

Matthew Barrett, Michael A. G. Haykin

Introducing readers to the legacy of John Owen and his views on the Christian life, this book gives insights into his spiritual life, pastoral ministry, and historical context.

Calvin on the Christian Life

Michael Horton

Drawing heavily on Calvin’s letters, commentaries, the Institutes, and other lesser-known writings, Horton explores the riches of Calvin’s piety and its significance for contemporary Christian living.

Packer on the Christian Life

Sam Storms

Offering readers an accessible portrait of J. I. Packer’s life and theology, this book explores his insights into prayer, Bible study, indwelling sin, and true godliness.

Bavinck on the Christian Life

John Bolt

Highlighting the practical nature of his theology and lessons from his approach to the Christian life, this book about influential theologian Herman Bavinck will help modern believers obey Christ and find joy in the gospel.

Warfield on the Christian Life

Fred G. Zaspel

This volume accessibly outlines B. B. Warfield’s teaching on a variety of topics concerning the Christian life, including prayer, Bible reading, and work.

Spurgeon on the Christian Life

Michael Reeves

This introduction to Spurgeon’s life and ministry—organized around themes such as the centrality of Christ and the empowerment of the Spirit—will encourage readers to live for God's glory.

Augustine on the Christian Life

Gerald Bray

Focusing on Augustine’s personal transformation and dependence on the the Word of God, author Gerald Bray shows us how this ancient theologian can sharpen and encourage Christians today.

Lewis on the Christian Life

Joe Rigney

Joe Rigney explores particular themes that run throughout C. S. Lewis's popular and lesser-known writings, illuminating how they help readers develop a deeper awareness of God's presence and work in their lives.

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