What to Do If You're Bored by the Bible

Our God Still Speaks

If we're honest, almost every Christian will admit that sometimes when we sit down to read our Bible, we find it a little bit boring. Or else it doesn't seem to connect—it can feel like it doesn't relate to our own lives.

The same God you see speaking and acting in the pages of Scripture is the God who wants to work in your life today.

For anyone in that situation, I want to say that the same God you see speaking and acting in the pages of Scripture is the God who wants to work in your life today.

Two Ways to See with Fresh Eyes

As we read the Bible, we can focus our energies on what God is like, what he's doing, and how he is the same God now he was then. And as we look at the different people talked about in Scripture, we can recognize that though they lived in a different time and faced different challenges, like us they were fallen sinful human beings with tendencies toward sin and temptation.

We can connect with that.

Once we start to have that kind of framework—looking at the fallen condition revealed in the Bible and how that exposes the tendencies in our own lives—we can pinpoint what we need to confess and turn away from.

And then we ask, what is God like? He's still that way today. How can I see him at work in my own life in those same kinds of ways?

Asking the Right Questions

Matthew S. Harmon

This incisive and accessible book trains Bible readers to ask the right questions when reading God's Word to help them understand and apply the text to their lives.

Understanding these simple realities can help us get past some of the distance, potential boredom, and sense of disconnect from the time, place, and reality of Scripture. It's the same God, and we have those same sinful, human, heart-level, idolatry temptations in our own lives.

When we make those connections, any passage can really come alive for us, getting us past some of that initial boredom.

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