What to Say to Someone Who Has Had an Abortion

What’s Gone Wrong?

Burdens can differ for a woman who's had an abortion or with a man who's paid for or empowered an abortion. Some people are burdened with deception. They're not able to get at the core of their conscience. They're trying to say This is okay, this doesn't matter, this is just a blob of tissue. In that case, I would want to apply the law of God and the dignity of the human being first in order to see what's gone wrong.

He knows all things when he extends the invitation to come to him.

In most cases, for someone who's had or paid for an abortion, there’s a sense of accusation. The person believes that God would never receive me if God knew what it is that I have done. Even if they just think that subconsciously, I would want to talk about what’s actually happened in the gospel.

An Invitation

Jesus isn't shocked by abortion. He knows all things when he extends the invitation to come to him. When Jesus receives you, you're united to him. So, God's not angry at you or about anything that's gone on in the past. God isn't holding that over your head, nor is he saying it doesn't matter.

Adopted for Life

Russell Moore

In this practical book, Moore highlights the importance of adoption for all Christians, encouraging readers to lead the way in adoption and orphan advocacy out of our identity as adopted children of God.

What God is saying is that you have been crucified with Christ—you've already been through judgement—and you're hidden in Christ, so God sees you exactly as he sees Jesus. He says This is my beloved child in whom I am well pleased.

Coming to Jesus means there is therefore no condemnation—including over abortion.

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