Why Christ’s Relationship to the Law Matters

Don’t Neglect Christ’s Life

Christ fulfills the law by obeying it perfectly during his earthly ministry. This is an important detail that is sometimes left out of gospel presentations—perhaps in the interest of time. We talk about his death and then we talk about his burial and resurrection, but we sometimes forget the significance of the years of his life.

His life was a daily demonstration that his delight was to do the will of God and that the law of God was written on his heart. He fulfills all righteousness by obeying the law perfectly, and then we are wanting to be those who are conformed to the image of Christ. If we want to look like him, then it follows that we would want to live as he lived.

Ten Words to Live By

Jen Wilkin

Jen Wilkin invites readers to rediscover the Ten Commandments—ten words often misunderstood, forgotten, or ignored—and helps believers delight in the life-giving wisdom they hold for all whom Christ has set free.

Desire Holiness

Now, obviously, we're dealing with some sin problems and we're not going to be perfect at it by any means, but we should desire holiness in the inmost parts. We desire it in active ways when we say, What is the way of righteousness? How can I walk in it? That way is not a mystery to us because Jesus himself has pointed to it.

The invitation to follow Christ is an invitation to follow him according to God’s good law.

He has said that he fulfills the law, but he fulfills it in a way that—you might say—reopens the gates to Eden where the law was once perfectly observed. The gates to the new Jerusalem are reopened in a way that will never close, where the law will always be perfectly observed once again at the consummation of all things. So the invitation to follow Christ is an invitation to follow him according to God's good law that was given at the foundation of the Earth and will exist for all eternity.

Jen Wilkin is the author Ten Words to Live By: Delighting in and Doing What God Commands.

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