Your Most Basic Need

What You Need This Christmas

This time of year, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the joy of gift-giving and receiving. We must train ourselves to slow down and recognize the greatest need we have is met in Christ’s coming.

In “The Joy of Christmas,” John Piper says:

The most basic need we have is peace with God. This is foundational to all our pursuits of peace. If we don’t go here first, all other experiences of peace will be superficial and temporary.

Share the Good News

Tracts provide a helpful tool in extending the peace of God to friends and family. The following are a few Christmas titles that offer clear presentations of the gospel.

“Christmas: A Time for Peace” features six easy-to-understand points, making this a perfect tract for an unbeliever who is unfamiliar with the Bible.

“How Christmas Can Change Your Life” shows how Christmas is more than just a holiday. In light of the truth of the gospel, it can be truly life changing!

“Because of Bethlehem” by Max Lucado calls to mind truths of the gospel that are made a reality at Christmas.

“What Christmas Is All About” explores why millions of people celebrate the birth of a baby over two thousand years later.

“The Hope of Christmas” illustrates that God offers hope and peace to all during the Christmas season through the gift of sending his Son.

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A Christmas Message

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