God Shines Forth: How the Nature of God Shapes and Drives the Mission of the Church

By Michael Reeves, Daniel Hames

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God Shines Forth: How the Nature of God Shapes and Drives the Mission of the Church

By Michael Reeves, Daniel Hames

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Why Missions and Evangelism Are an Overflow of Delighting in God 

Evangelism and missions are parts of the Christian life often accompanied by fears, insecurities, and cultural pressures. In this addition to the Union series, Daniel Hames and Michael Reeves argue that an individual’s relationship with God influences their evangelism and missions more than anything else. Scripture clearly shows that a believer’s responsibility is to make God known in the world, but this cannot be done without first knowing and enjoying God.

To illustrate how knowledge of God influences evangelism and missions, Hames and Reeves address biblical themes such as the glory of God, Christ’s sacrifice, the fallenness of man, and the church’s future hope. There is hope for those who find these topics intimidating—when believers focus on the glory of the lamb of God, the gospel will shine through them. 

  • Ideal for Laypeople, Pastors, and Students: Specifically for those interested in theology and missions 
  • Union Series: The final book in the Union series which invites readers to experience deeper enjoyment of God 
  • Concise Version Also Available: What Fuels the Mission of the Church? by Daniel Hames and Michael Reeves 
  • Biblically Grounded: Teaches how biblical themes such as the glory of God, Christ’s sacrifice, the fallenness of man, and the church’s future hope inform evangelism and missions

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Michael Reeves

Michael Reeves (PhD, King’s College, London) is president and professor of theology at Union School of Theology in Bridgend and Oxford, United Kingdom. He is the author of several books, including Delighting in the Trinity; Rejoice and Tremble; and Gospel People.

Daniel Hames

Daniel Hames (PhD, Free University of Amsterdam) is associate director at Union School of Theology and a lecturer in systematic and historical theology. He is also a local church minister in Oxford, England. 

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Published: October 11, 2022

Table of Contents

Series Preface
Introduction: The Great Admission

Chapter 1: The Glory of God
Chapter 2: The Lamb on His Throne
Chapter 3: Fullness
Chapter 4: Emptiness
Chapter 5: Born in Zion
Chapter 6: Arise, Shine!
Chapter 7: Those Who Look to Him Are Radiant
Chapter 8: We Will See Him as He Is

General Index
Scripture Index


“The church in the West is experiencing a lull in evangelism at a time when the need has never been greater—nor the opportunity brighter—for the church to tell the world the good news in Jesus. In God Shines Forth, Daniel Hames and Michael Reeves take us to the heart of the biblical motivation to share Christ: a proper vision of our great and glorious God. The more we are overflowing with the glorious love of God, the more we will overflow with words of the gospel to others. This book will show you how to overflow with gospel love.”
Ed Stetzer, Executive Director, Wheaton College Billy Graham Center

“I could hardly put this book down—it made my heart sing. God Shines Forth is an immensely joyful and faith-building encouragement to all who love and long to enjoy and participate in God’s mission.”
Gloria Furman, coeditor, Joyfully Spreading the Word; author, Missional Motherhood

“After decades of mission work, I’ve witnessed the various motivations driving missionary efforts, from the worst (a guilty conscience or vain ambition) to the good (a genuine concern for the lost). But Hames and Reeves call us to remember the best: that knowing and loving God deeply, fully, with a reckless abandon is our first and most essential priority for missions. They make it clear that when we truly know the nature of our loving, giving, gracious God, when we delight in him, we have the true fuel from God for missions. Don’t let anyone you know go to the mission field without reading this book.”
J. Mack Stiles, former Pastor, Erbil Baptist Church, Iraq

“The big idea of this book is both simple and life-transforming: ‘It is precisely because God is outgoing and communicative that he is so good and delightful.’ Thus, as this God’s beloved people delight in him, they are propelled to speak about his goodness to others by communicating the good news. Yes, evangelism is a biblically commanded duty for all Christians. Yes, the Great Commission is a scripturally grounded purpose of the church. Yes, missions is a theologically supported enterprise for the benefit of the world. Ultimately, however, this endeavor is an overflow from knowing God. This book gets this truth right!”
Gregg R. Allison, Professor of Christian Theology, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; Secretary, Evangelical Theological Society; author, Historical Theology; Sojourners and Strangers; and Embodied

“Missiology tends to be long on pragmatics and short on theology. What a mistake! This book grounds our missiology in our theology, and provides a vision for how the truths of the Bible shape us and authentically motivate us toward the Great Commission.”
Josh Moody, Senior Pastor, College Church, Wheaton, Illinois; President and Founder, God Centered Life Ministries