How to Build a Healthy Church: A Practical Guide for Deliberate Leadership

By Mark Dever, Paul Alexander

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A Newly Updated and Rebranded Edition of The Deliberate Church

In the process of building a church, there are many things to consider—who will the elders be? How many seats should the sanctuary have? What type of music will the musicians play? Even more important—how do leaders ensure that the church is centered on the gospel?

In this practical guide, pastors Mark Dever and Paul Alexander have compiled a handbook for pastors and church leaders on how to build a healthy church grounded in the gospel. The authors offer a helpful framework for building this type of ministry: laying the groundwork (evangelism, new membership, church discipline), structuring the gathering (preaching, worship, ordinances), designating the elders (their importance, requirements, and installation), and encouraging devotion to prayer and God’s word. A companion resource to Nine Marks of a Healthy Church, this practical guide presents new and seasoned pastors alike with a vision of the church deliberately structured to display God’s glory.


Mark Dever

Mark Dever (PhD, Cambridge University) is the senior pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, DC, and president of 9Marks ( Dever has authored over a dozen books and speaks at conferences nationwide.

Paul Alexander

Paul Alexander (MDiv, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) is preaching pastor for Grace Covenant Baptist Church in Elgin, Illinois. He currently serves as contributing editor for 9Marks Ministries and lives in Palatine, Illinois, with his wife, Laurie.

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Published: August 03, 2021

Table of Contents


Section 1: Gathering the Church 
Chapter 1: The Four Ps
Chapter 2: Beginning the Work
Chapter 3: Doing Responsible Evangelism
Chapter 4: Taking in New Members
Chapter 5: Doing Church Discipline
Section 2: When the Church Gathers
Chapter 6: Understanding the Regulative Principle
Chapter 7: Applying the Regulative Principle 
Chapter 8: The Role of the Pastor 
Chapter 9: Evangelistic Exposition
Chapter 10: The Roles of Different Gatherings
Chapter 11: The Role of the Ordinances 
Chapter 12: Loving Each Other 
Chapter 13: Music
Section 3: Gathering Elders
Chapter 14: The Importance of Elders 
Chapter 15: Looking for a Few Good Men
Chapter 16: Assessment 
Chapter 17: Why Character Is Crucial
Chapter 18: Getting Started
Chapter 19: Staffing
Section 4: When the Elders Gather
Chapter 20: The Word and Prayer
Chapter 21: The Agenda - What to Talk About
Chapter 22: Decision Making – How to Talk about It