By J. C. Ryle, Series edited by Alister McGrath, J. I. Packer, Introduction by J. I. Packer

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For hundreds of years Christendom has been blessed with Bible commentaries written by great men of God highly respected for their godly walk and their insight into spiritual truth. The Crossway Classic Commentaries series presents the very best work on individual Bible books, carefully adapted for maximum understanding and usefulness for today's believers.

Matthew is a fascinating treatment of the first Gospel. Well exegeted, accompanied by encouraging practical application, this helpful volume shares the power of God's promises fulfilled in God-become-man, Jesus Christ. Familiar passages come alive in the exposition given by a great man of faith; new gems of understanding and vision fuel heart-felt worship and new commitment for holy living.

A remarkable work sure to equip and encourage all modern-day believers!


J. C. Ryle

J. C. Ryle (1816–1900) was a prominent writer, preacher, and Anglican clergyman in nineteenth-century England. He is the author of the classic Expository Thoughts on the Gospels and retired as the bishop of Liverpool.

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