Stott on the Christian Life: Between Two Worlds

By Tim Chester, Series edited by Justin Taylor, Stephen J. Nichols

Known for his clear and precise speaking and writing, John Stott, a 20th-century pastor-theologian, shaped evangelicalism’s contemporary understanding of Christianity. This book explores themes he emphasized, such as the development of the mind, expository preaching, balance in the Christian life, and “double listening,” illuminating his enduring influence on the church, evangelism, and missions today. Painting a full picture of the marvelously faithful preacher, this book will encourage a new generation of evangelical Christians to benefit from Stott’s life and teaching.


Tim Chester (PhD, University of Wales) is a faculty member of Crosslands and a pastor with Grace Church, Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire. He is an author or coauthor of over forty books, including A Meal with JesusReforming Joy; and, with Michael Reeves, Why the Reformation Still Matters.

Table of Contents:


1. An Evangelical Life

2. A Christian Mind

3. Preaching the Word

4. Satisfaction through Substitution

5. Repudiation and Surrender

6. Life in the Spirit

7. Embedded in the Church

8. Reaching a Lost World

9. Loving a Needy World

10. All of Life under the Lord of All

11. A Vision of Christ


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Published: June 23, 2020