Twilight of a Great Civilization: The Drift Toward Neo-Paganism

By Carl F. H. Henry

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Twilight of a Great Civilization: The Drift Toward Neo-Paganism

By Carl F. H. Henry

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"A half-generation ago the pagans were still largely threatening at the gates of Western culture; now the barbarians are plunging into the... mainstream. As they seek to reverse the inherited intellectual and moral heritage of the Bible,... [we are] engaged as never before in a rival conflict for the mind, the conscience, the will, the spirit, the very selfhood of contemporary man." —Carl F. H. Henry

Twilight of a Great Civilization is a penetrating critique, by a distinguished Christian leader, of the moral and intellectual disintegration sweeping our culture. But more than this, it is a book of promise and possibilities—a ringing affirmation of the power of the gospel to transform hearts and minds, and to leave a lasting impact upon our age.

As one of the noted Christian thinkers of this century, Carl F. H. Henry provides a perceptive diagnosis of America's spiritual malaise. From the decline in moral integrity, to "Christian Fundraising Heresies"; from the abandonment of rigorous education and clear thinking, to the affirmation of idealistic illusions in social and political matters—Henry shows how the wider culture, and many within Christian circles, have accommodated to the Spirit of the Age.

But beyond the careful diagnosis lies Henry's prescription and vision for recovery: Jesus Christ the Lord is coming! He has won the ultimate victory over sin and death; and He will come again in power and glory to reign forevermore. Therefore, the church of Jesus Christ is alive!—and by the power of the Spirit is called to "march and sing our faith in the public arena, in the streets,... on the mass media," and in the marketplace of ideas.

Henry provides here an invaluable resource to all who long for the light of Christ to shine with brilliance in this: "the twilight of a great civilization."

"The American Century is over; the world order is changing. But America's eclipse is not inevitable. In a country where people can choose... , the future... is a matter of choice." —Newsweek Magazine

"To the world we seem like Hogan's Army waiting for Godot. Can we take a holy initiative in history? Can we once more strike an apostolic stride? Can we put an ungodly world on the defensive again? Can we show men the folly of opposing Him who has already overcome the world, of rejecting fellowship with the coming King? Will we offer civilization a realistic option, or only a warning of impending doom? Will Christianity speak only to man's fears and frustrations, or will it also fill the vacuums in his heart and crown his longings for life at its best?" —Carl F. H. Henry


Carl F. H. Henry

Carl F. H. Henry (1913–2003) was widely considered one of the foremost evangelical theologians of the twentieth century. He was the founding editor of Christianity Today, the chairman of the World Congress on Evangelism in Berlin in 1966, and the program chairman for the Jerusalem Conference on Biblical Prophecy in 1970. Henry taught or lectured on America’s most prestigious campuses and in countries on every continent, and penned more than twenty volumes, including Evangelicals at the Brink of Crisis (1967) and the monumental six-volume work God, Revelation and Authority (1976–1983).

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