What If I've Been Hurt by My Church?

By Daniel P. Miller

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Biblical Advice for Addressing Relational Frustrations in the Church

Being hurt is inevitable, even in the church. That’s because relationships and emotions, designed to reflect God’s love, are nevertheless marred by sin. When someone commits an offense, it may seem justifiable to retaliate, gossip, or suffer silently, but Christians are called to pursue godly forgiveness that leads to reconciliation.

In this addition to the Church Questions series, Daniel P. Miller helps readers understand how to biblically confront conflicts in the church. Acknowledging that the main priority of relationships is always Christ’s glory, he helps readers understand their moral responsibility when responding to frustrations and, ultimately, to trust in God’s promise to use all pain for their edification.

  • Brief, Accessible Guide: Practical advice for addressing conflicts personally in prayer and interpersonally in fellowship
  • Biblical and Theological: Points to Scripture to explain how relational trials and disillusionment can help Christians grow spiritually
  • Part of the 9Marks Church Questions Series: Other titles include Why Should I Join a Church?; How Can I Serve My Church?; and How Can I Love Church Members with Different Politics?


Daniel P. Miller

Daniel P. Miller is the senior pastor of Eden Baptist Church in Burnsville, Minnesota. He has written several articles on pastoral leadership for 9Marks.

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