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Spoken in more than 20 countries, Spanish is the primary language for more than 450 million people. There is a tremendous ministry opportunity to provide study Bibles for this growing population, particularly pastors and church leaders. When leaders are equipped to effectively teach Scripture, individual Christians are strengthened and communities are transformed by the power of the gospel. Unfortunately, not all Spanish-speaking leaders have access to reliable, theologically rich study materials in their language.

In the spring of 2022, Crossway committed the first $250,000 and generous donors provided the remaining funding to send 100,000 copies of the Concise Study Bible, Spanish Edition to pastors and leaders in the Spanish-speaking world in early 2023. We were blessed to have surpassed our goal for this ministry project, and every excess dollar given to this campaign is enabling more Bibles to be provided by Crossway to other believers around the world who may not have a copy of their own.

Thanks to the generosity of many donors, Spanish-speaking believers in over 20 countries such as Argentina, Bolivia, Cuba, Venezuela, and Mexico now have a Bible in their own language. Praise God for these copies of God's Word that are now being read by thousands of men, women, and children throughout Latin and South America!

Please join us in praying for the influence these Bibles could have on entire communities. Pray that the Lord will bring more people to himself and that churches will be strengthened and equipped as a result.

About the Concise Study Bible, Spanish Edition

Crossway's Concise Study Bible, Spanish Edition is an easy-to-read study Bible packed with high-quality content to help readers explore the essential meaning of the gospel. It features the full text of the trusted Reina Valera 1960 Bible (RVR), along with fully translated content from the ESV Concise Study Bible, including:

  • 12,000+ study notes
  • Maps and charts
  • Articles that teach on topics such as salvation, creation, and judgment

“The Bible is everything we need. We understand that. However, we also see the great need for study Bibles, for resources that would help the people to understand the text, to apply it, to see what scholars have researched for many years and be available to them. That's one of our greatest needs in the Hispanic world.” —Josué Ortiz, pastor, Iglesia Grazia, Mexico City

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The contents of this shipping container are entirely different from the other containers filling the shipping yard. This container, the 65th of its kind, carries 20 tons of Spanish Bibles and biblical resources to be distributed to Hondurans who may otherwise never read of the hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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