12 Notable Quotes from Enough about Me

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Unfading Joy

Self-care may produce happiness and temporary relief from stress or hardship, but real joy comes when we stop serving ourselves and find meaning and purpose in something outside of ourselves. Be encouraged by the following quotes from Enough about Me: Finding Lasting Joy in the Age of Self by Jen Oshman.

“We’re all reaching for that elusive gold star: becoming the women society says we can be. We keep pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps, guzzling our coffee, and looking in the mirror to remind ourselves, “You got this, sister. Go get ’em.” But then. Then. Almost without exception and as if on cue, we reach the end of ourselves. The coffee cup is empty. The self-talk grows quiet. We collapse on the couch. We are tired. This isn’t working.”

“When we become our own source of meaning, we also become our only source of satisfaction and fulfillment. We set ourselves in a cycle of defining ourselves and worshiping ourselves.”

“We need to remember who we are and whose we are. How were we created and by whom? For what purpose were we designed? On what kind of energy are we meant to run? Our remedy is in reclaiming our worldview. It’s in rejecting the self-help movement that birthed us and in reorienting ourselves back toward the God who made us. Healing must happen in our souls. Our health will come when we root ourselves in what’s true.”

“In God’s economy, dying to oneself leads to lasting joy.”

“Enough about me. And enough about you. If we want to keep running, we need to run on the fuel we’re made for—God himself. We will indeed be restless until then.”

“We find joy when we invest in our relationship with God, when we acknowledge that we have a Maker, and when we seek to live for his glory. In both life’s highs and life’s lows, when we acknowledge where we came from and what we’re here for, he gives us joy.”

“Our culture keeps drawing our eyes back to ourselves, but they belong on Jesus. We must acknowledge, confess, repent, and repeat.”

“The truth that we are dependent beings, that we were made by God and for God, is liberating. When I realize that my life is not my own, that it is by and for my very capable Maker, I no longer have to clamor to create my own success. It is not on me to make myself great.”

“The gospel is the most nourishing food we could ingest for our souls. And it is devoid of self. It’s all about Christ crucified, risen, and coming again.”

“You and I can rest because of the gospel. We can rest because we are rooted, built up, and established in Christ.”

“The calling Jesus gives his followers—to deny ourselves and to lose our lives—will present itself in as many unique ways as there are unique Christians. Our God is creative, and we are his workmanship (Eph. 2:10). Our callings will be as diverse as we are—but they will all demand that we deny ourselves.”

“Only one thing can cure the anxiety and fragility we experience as we try to control our own lives. That one thing is Jesus and him crucified, risen, and coming again.”

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