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Answering Kids’ Hardest Questions: How Can God Hear Everyone’s Prayers at the Same Time?

This article is part of the Answering Kids’ Hardest Questions series.

God Is with Us

How can God hear everyone’s prayers at the same time? It’s a great question, and it’s a dumbfounding reality, especially for parents who can hardly hear everyone’s requests as they’re yelling across the room and respond to all of those requests. It’s overwhelming—except we’re not God, and God is omnipresent. He is everywhere all the time.

It’s so hard to comprehend, and it will be hard for our kids to comprehend too. But perhaps we can illustrate this for them. Perhaps we can pull up a world map and say, Is God in Texas right now? Is God in Zimbabwe right now? Is he in France right now? Yes, yes, yes. The answer is yes because God is everywhere all the time.

God Hears Me

Kristen Wetherell

As a part of the For the Bible Tells Me So series—designed to immerse kids ages 0–4 in the gospel—this board book teaches children how to pray during every life circumstance and find comfort in Christ.

This encourages us as parents, not only as we pray for our kids but as we send them out into the world. Our kids can know that when they’re in their dark rooms at night and they’re feeling alone, God is with them. He hears their prayer when they’re at school, feeling nervous, feeling sad.

God is with them. He hears their prayer. And so as we talk to our kids about God being omnipresent, we can say he’s everywhere all the time. We can encourage them to talk to him because the God who is holy, the God who is big, who is everywhere all the time, hears their prayers. And this will encourage them to pray no matter where they are.

Kristen Wetherell is the author of God Hears Me.

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