April 2024 New Releases

New Books

Below is a list of the new and notable resources releasing this month from Crossway. Titles include The (Not-So-Secret) Secret to Reaching the Next Generation by Kevin DeYoung and Heavenward by Cameron Cole.

Heavenward: How Eternity Can Change Your Life on Earth

Cameron Cole

Following the unexpected loss of his firstborn child, pastor Cameron Cole’s daily focus shifted drastically heavenward. He discovered that an intentional eternal mindset can bring meaning and joy to every Christian’s life. In this heartfelt, theologically rich book, Cole draws from his personal story of grief, the apostle Paul’s letters, and the examples of believers throughout history to demonstrate how heavenly mindedness fosters contentment, hope in suffering, motivation for missions and evangelism, commitment to morality and ethics, and no fear in death.

“In this book Cameron Cole provides us with a framework for the spiritual practice of cultivating a heavenly imagination. When we are confronted with weariness and the sting of death, heaven breaks into our present reality. Through pain, we can access a deeper joy even now as we wait for that restoration that we will one day know in full. This is a courageous and vulnerable encouragement and offers us a way of wisdom through difficulty.”
Sandra McCracken, singer-songwriter

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Ruined Sinners to Reclaim: Sin and Depravity in Historical, Biblical, Theological, and Pastoral Perspective

Edited by David Gibson, Jonathan Gibson

Ruined Sinners to Reclaim persuasively reaffirms the doctrine of total depravity from biblical, historical, theological, and pastoral perspectives, drawing on the debates of theologians throughout church history. Edited by David and Jonathan Gibson, this book features contributions from respected theologians—including Michael A. G. Haykin, Gray Sutanto, Garry Williams, Mark Jones, Daniel Strange, and R. Albert Mohler Jr.—to help readers understand the reality of our sinful nature, its debilitating effects, and the Holy Spirit’s role in salvation. This is the second book in the Doctrines of Grace series, which explores the central points of the Canons of Dort, providing a framework for understanding each doctrine in all its historical, biblical, theological, and pastoral richness.

“As I read through the rich and deep chapters of Ruined Sinners to Reclaim, I not only found myself instructed; I also found myself moved again and again by the goodness and grace of God in Christ toward ruined sinners such as I. This book helps us to look squarely at our pervasive depravity and inability to save ourselves from sin’s ruinous grip while also helping us to gaze in wonder and worship at God’s pervasive purity and his power to save.”
Nancy Guthrie, author; Bible teacher

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The Pastor as Leader: Principles and Practices for Connecting Preaching and Leadership

John Currie

In The Pastor as Leader, John Currie equips pastors to be men of God who competently carry out their purpose: leading God’s people through the preaching of God’s word. Recognizing a common disconnect between the roles of preaching and leadership, Currie offers foundational principles for pastoring “under Christ’s appointment, conformed to Christ’s character, which exemplifies and implements Christ’s wisdom, preached from Christ’s word.” By integrating two primary roles of the pastorate, readers will learn how to faithfully and confidently proclaim the Scriptures as they communicate biblical vision and strategy for the church’s mission.

The Pastor as Leader recovers the greatest need for our day and our churches—the pastor as a man of God who leads through preaching God’s word as God’s ambassador. Every page is convicting, and not a few times I was sent to my knees in prayer, ‘O Lord, raise up a generation of men of God who, filled with your Spirit and leading from their knees, faithfully preach your word.’”
Alfred J. Poirier, Professor of Pastoral Theology, Westminster Theological Seminary; author, The Peacemaking Pastor

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Biblical Typology: How the Old Testament Points to Christ, His Church, and the Consummation

Vern S. Poythress

Biblical Typology examines how the Old Testament foreshadows Christ, the church, and the consummation through types—or symbols—pointing toward fulfillment. Well-known for his academic yet accessible writing, Vern S. Poythress not only provides examples of types and analogies found in God’s word but also teaches readers a practical framework and diagram for effectively examining them throughout Scripture. Readers will learn how to identify and interpret biblical typology for themselves as they deepen their understanding of the Bible and the wisdom of God.

“I am delighted to see Vern Poythress’s book on biblical typology. His knowledge of the Scriptures and the interpretive principles necessary to handle them responsibly is unsurpassed. He presents the complex topic of biblical types clearly and simply so that laypeople and scholars alike will benefit. This is a book that you will not want to miss.”
Richard L. Pratt Jr., President, Third Millennium Ministries

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The (Not-So-Secret) Secret to Reaching the Next Generation

Kevin DeYoung

In this concise booklet, bestselling author Kevin DeYoung presents 5 Christlike ways to effectively communicate the Christian faith and practice with the next generation. DeYoung reminds leaders that they won’t ultimately impact young hearts with cleverness, humor, or good looks but by walking with Jesus and following his ways—grab them with passion, win them with love, hold them with holiness, challenge them with truth, and amaze them with God.

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