Introducing the ‘Blessed’ Podcast with Nancy Guthrie

This article is part of the Blessed: Conversations on the Book of Revelation with Nancy Guthrie series.

Explore the Book of Revelation with Bible Teacher Nancy Guthrie

In this new podcast, Nancy Guthrie—author, Bible teacher, and host of the popular Help Me Teach the Bible podcast—leads listeners to a deeper understanding of the book of Revelation through conversations with respected Bible scholars, pastors, and other Bible teachers.

Designed as a companion show to Nancy's new book Blessed: Experiencing the Promise of the Book of Revelation, the podcast will feature conversations with people like Tom Schreiner, Russell Moore, Iain Duguid, Karen Ellis, Greg Beale, and more!

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Be on the lookout for the following episodes:

Episode 1 - Why Study the Book of Revelation?
Episode 2 - The Apocalyptic Nature of Revelation with Iain Duguid
Episode 3 - How the Old Testament Helps us Make Sense of Revelation with Andrew Sach
Episode 4 - The Theology of the Book of Revelation with Tom Schreiner
Episode 5 - The Marriage Imagery of Revelation with Jonathan Gibson
Episode 6 - The Organization of Revelation with Vern Poythress
Episode 7 - The Promised-Shaped Patterns that Resolve in Revelation with Jim Hamilton
Episode 8 - Revelation’s Call to Courage and a Refusal to Compromise with Russell Moore
Episode 9 - Revelation’s Message to Persecuted Believers with Karen Ellis
Episode 10 - Time, Symbolism, and Imagery in Revelation with Greg Beale

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