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Lydia Brownback Discusses the Largely Undiscussed Topic of Loneliness

In this video, Justin Taylor sits down with Lydia Brownback to discuss her new book, Finding God in My Loneliness.


  • 0:00 – Who did you write Finding God in My Loneliness for?
  • 00:53 – What is it about loneliness in particular that makes us want to not even talk about it?
  • 1:50 – What is the definition of loneliness?
  • 3:39 – What do you think about Jesus's relationship to loneliness?
  • 4:35 – Can you share your story related to thinking about the holidays and how it pertains to some misperceptions about loneliness?
  • 7:01 – How has contemporary culture and technology changed the experience of loneliness?
  • 10:41 – If somebody were to come to you and say, "I can't shake this perpetual sense of loneliness," how would you begin to counsel them?

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