May 2022 New Releases

New Books and Bibles

Below is a list of the new and notable resources releasing this month from Crossway. Titles include The Lord’s Prayer by Kevin DeYoung, Blessed by Nancy Guthrie, and What Is Saving Faith? by John Piper.

The Lord’s Prayer: Learning from Jesus on What, Why, and How to Pray

Kevin DeYoung

In The Lord’s Prayer, Kevin DeYoung closely examines Christ’s model for prayer, giving readers a deeper understanding of its content and meaning, and how it works in the lives of God’s people. Walking through the Lord’s Prayer word by word, DeYoung helps believers gain the conviction to develop a stronger prayer life and a sense of freedom to do so.

“The Lord’s Prayer is familiar to many of us, but how well do we really understand each phrase? Scholarly works on the Lord’s Prayer can turn out to be surprisingly complex. Here is a clear, grace-filled, practical exposition that will benefit readers of all levels. DeYoung helps readers see the place of the Lord’s Prayer in the context of all of Scripture and how it relates to Christ himself.”
Brandon D. Crowe, Professor of New Testament, Westminster Theological Seminary

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What Is Saving Faith?: Reflections on Receiving Christ as a Treasure

John Piper

What Is Saving Faith? explains that a Savior who is treasured for his all-satisfying worth is more glorified than a Savior who is only trusted for his all-forgiving competence. In this way, saving faith reaches its God-appointed goal: the perfections of Christ glorified by our being satisfied in him forever.

“It is a great honor to commend this book to everyone who desires to understand the nature of saving faith. John Piper’s thesis is provocative but does, I think, accurately represent the overall thrust of the New Testament. Reading this thoughtful and life-giving work will prove transformative for many who take the time to ponder its implications.”
Andreas J. Köstenberger, Cofounder, Biblical Foundations; author, Signs of the Messiah and A Theology of John’s Gospel and Letters

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Blessed: Experiencing the Promise of the Book of Revelation

Nancy Guthrie

Over 12 chapters, Blessed covers the full text of the book of Revelation, exploring its call to patient endurance as God’s sovereign plans for judgment and salvation are worked out in the world. In this book, Guthrie shows how Revelation is less about when Jesus will return and more about who we are to be, what we are to do, and what we can expect to endure as we wait for Jesus to return to establish his kingdom in the new creation.

“In this clear and engaging book, Nancy Guthrie walks us through the meaning of this crucial book of the Bible, showing us how it is about blessing. After reading Blessed, you will never again skip past Revelation in your Bible reading but will turn there with wonder and confidence, expecting to see Jesus. It will leave you informed, pondering, and, yes, blessed.”
Russell Moore, Public Theologian, Christianity Today; Director, Christianity Today's Public Theology Project

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A Hunger for More: Finding Satisfaction in Jesus When the Good Life Doesn't Fill You

Amy DiMarcangelo

In this book, Amy DiMarcangelo invites readers to feast at the table of grace, where they will find God’s vast glory and intimate care, his strength made perfect in weakness, and his gifts of joy and comfort. Even the most hungry Christians will be encouraged that they “may be filled with all the fullness of God” (Ephesians 3:19).

“In this book, Amy DiMarcangelo sets a lavish table for those of us who perpetually crave more. Her well-crafted content repeatedly points to God, the only one who satisfies our deepest longings. Having tasted what this world offers, are you still hungry? Read and feast.”
Katie Faris, author, He Will Be Enough: How God Takes You by the Hand Through Your Hardest Days

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How to Find Yourself: Why Looking Inward Is Not the Answer

Brian S. Rosner

Prompted by his own crisis of identity, Brian Rosner argues that personal identity is formed not only by looking inward, but also by looking around to your relationships, backward and forward to your life stories, and upward to God. In How to Find Yourself, Rosner equips readers to engage sympathetically with some of the most pressing questions of our day. Challenging the status quo, he offers an approach to identity formation that leads to more secure and joyful self-knowledge: being known intimately and personally by God and following the script of Jesus’s life story.

“With remarkable clarity and helpful analysis, Brian Rosner provides a template for understanding the expressive individualism so prevalent in the West. Rosner does so in an irenic way that makes this book approachable to those caught up in individualist approaches. It will be a helpful primer to some of the more important conversations people have at each other today—and it can help us to start talking with one another instead.”
Ed Stetzer, Professor and Dean, Wheaton College

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In the Fullness of Time: An Introduction to the Biblical Theology of Acts and Paul

Richard B. Gaffin, Jr.

In this book, Richard B. Gaffin Jr. gives readers an accessible introduction to Acts and Paul. Building on a lifetime of study, Gaffin teaches on topics including the redemptive-historical significance of Pentecost; eschatology; and the fulfillment of redemptive history in the death and resurrection of Christ. In the Fullness of Time is an exegetical “textbook” for pastors, students, and lay leaders seeking to learn more about Acts and Paul from a Reformed and evangelical perspective.

“I count myself blessed to be among generations of seminary students who have ‘basked’ in the glory of Christ as we sat under Richard Gaffin’s instruction, hearing him unfold the rich theology of Acts and the Pauline epistles. Gaffin models careful attention to, and insightful exposition of, specific New Testament texts as he places each passage within the context of the fulfillment of redemptive history in Christ’s person and work. I thank God that this rich lecture material is now offered in print form to the people of God.”
Dennis E. Johnson, Professor Emeritus of Practical Theology, Westminster Seminary California; author, Him We Proclaim; Walking with Jesus through His Word; and Journeys with Jesus

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Retiring Well: Strategies for Finding Balance, Setting Priorities, and Glorifying God

John Dunlop, MD

Drawing from his work with geriatric patients and his own retirement experience, Dr. John Dunlop shares practical strategies for Christians as they approach their retirement years. With Scripture as his guide, he promotes balance between rest and activity—encouraging intimacy with God, service to churches and communities, time with friends and family, and care for one’s health. Among the uncertainties of major life change, readers will be equipped to make decisions for their future as they seek to glorify God in their retirement.

“In Retiring Well, Dr. Dunlop has given us a clear, well-organized guide to retirement. He is unafraid of sensitive topics and applies Scripture thoughtfully, including familiar passages that come to life in the context of retiring. Dunlop provides common-sense ideas that I had not thought of. Once you read it, you may well find yourself writing a new to-do list—I did."
David Wilson, Staff Member, Cru Ireland

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The Dragon and the Stone

Kathryn Butler, MD

Even though she’s only 12 years old, Lily McKinley already feels the weight of the world’s brokenness. She’s seen it in her mother’s exhaustion, her grandmother’s illness, and the cruelty of Adam, the bully at her school. But most tragically, she experienced it two months ago when her father died in a terrible accident.

As an artistic daydreamer, Lily has a brilliant imagination to help her cope, but that imagination often gets her into trouble. One day, it transports her to a fantasy world called the Somnium Realm, where her father’s secret history embroils her in an epic quest. With the help of a dragon guide named Cedric, Lily battles evil shrouds, harpies, and other creatures to find her way through grief, rescue the world from evil, and discover the power of redemption.

This thrilling novel by Kathryn Butler mixes fantasy with Christian themes, taking middle-grade readers on a quest through castles, forests, and caverns to help a young girl find hope and usher in restoration.

“I could not put this book down! Butler brings creative imagination and spiritual depth together in a way that keeps children engaged and curious. The larger-than-life storyline of The Dragon and the Stone is worth daydreaming about at your desk and discussing with your family around the table. Be prepared for your kids to initiate creative projects after reading!”
Gloria Furman, author, Labor with Hope and A Tale of Two Kings

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Polly and the Screen Time Overload

Betsy Childs Howard

In this new picture book, readers meet Polly while on a trip to her grandparents’ farm. During her visit she spends all her time on her new tablet instead of enjoying the farm animals and playing with her cousins. A chat with her grandfather teaches her that, though screen time can be good, it can also keep kids away from better things. Using simple language and beautiful illustrations, children ages 3–7 are introduced to the idea that technology is best enjoyed within boundaries. A TGC Kids book.

“Technology—like any good tool—can go wrong when we become enslaved to it. This is a lesson today’s parents, as well as their children who are digital natives, need to hear often, and in many different ways. Polly and the Screen Time Overload is a fun, timely conversation starter for families who recognize that our media habits have as much to do with spiritual formation as they do with screen time.”
Brett McCracken, Senior Editor, The Gospel Coalition; author, Uncomfortable and Hipster Christianity

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The Sower

Scott James

From creation to final restoration, Scripture paints a vivid picture of God as a gardener—sowing seeds, planting gardens, and bringing life through the power of his word. The Sower introduces this biblical imagery to young readers to help them understand the story of redemptive history and look forward to future reconciliation.

Vibrant illustrations complement the book’s lyrical style to engage a child’s imagination and display God’s cultivating work in creation and in the hearts of his people.

“This book communicates the most important thing in the universe to children with both truth and beauty. Parents will want to read this to their children, and children will want to read the book even when their parents aren’t around. The Sower is a book that will sow seeds of its own, seeds of gospel truth.”
Russell Moore, Public Theologian, Christianity Today; Director, Christianity Today's Public Theology Project

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Daily Joy: A Devotional for Women

Contributions by Lydia Brownback, Lauren Chandler, Elyse Fitzpatrick, Gloria Furman, Kristyn Getty, Nancy Guthrie, Trillia Newbell, Dane C. Ortlund, Jani Ortlund, Joni Eareckson Tada, Ann Voskamp, Jen Wilkin, Karen Loritts, Bryan Chapell, Kathleen Chapell, Erika Allen, Geoff Allen, Kristie Anyabwile, Carolyn Arends, W. Brian Aucker, Mary Patton Baker, Brian S. Borgman, Mike Bullmore, Tasha Chapman, Carol Cornish, Dan Doriani, Zack Eswine, Keri Folmar, Elizabeth W. D. Groves, Heather House, Susan Hunt, Bethany L. Jenkins, Mary A. Kassian, Glenna Marshall, Carolyn McCulley, Colleen J. McFadden, Mary Beth McGreevy, Starr Meade, Joseph P. Murphy, Kathleen Nielson, Robert A. Peterson, Elisabeth Maxwell (Lisa) Ryken, Jenny Salt, Claire Smith, Leeann Stiles, Sam Storms, Lee Tankersley, Donna Thoennes, Jessica Thompson, Michele Bennett Walton, Kristen Wetherell, Mary Willson Hannah

The Daily Joy devotional inspires women to engage with God’s word every day, allowing the truth of the gospel to transform their lives throughout the year. Featuring content from the ESV Women’s Devotional Bible, the Scripture reflections are written by more than 50 Christian writers and pastors including Joni Eareckson Tada, Lydia Brownback, Dane C. Ortlund, Jen Wilkin, Sam Storms, and Nancy Guthrie. Focused on biblical teaching and God’s transforming grace, these resources motivate women to apply God’s word while strengthening their hearts and nurturing their souls.
Vibrant illustrations complement the book’s lyrical style to engage a child’s imagination and display God’s cultivating work in creation and in the hearts of his people.

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Daily Strength: A Devotional for Men

Contributions by Sam Storms, Drew Hunter, Philip Graham Ryken, Jay Sklar, Jason S. DeRouchie, Miles V. Van Pelt, Paul E. Miller, Ryan Kelly, Graeme Goldsworthy, J. Gary Millar, Colin S. Smith, Alistair Begg, Christopher Ash, Douglas Sean O'Donnell, Dave Kraft, Mike Bullmore, Zack Eswine, Dane C. Ortlund, Paul R. House, Greg Gilbert, Bryan Chapell, Stephen T. Um, Julius J. Kim, Joe Thorn, Michael Lumpkin, K. Erik Thoennes, Dan Doriani, Scotty Ward Smith, Jared C. Wilson, Jon Bloom, Justin S. Holcomb, Brian Tabb, Robert L. Plummer, Kevin Cawley, Jason C. Meyer, Michael Reeves, Andrew Davis, Sam Crabtree, J.J. Seid, Todd Wilson, John Hannah, Tom Nelson, Andrew David Naselli, Robert W. Yarbrough, James M. Hamilton Jr., David Powlison, Kelly M. Kapic, Dave Harvey, Tim Savage, Aaron J. Goldstein, R. Kent Hughes

Daily Strength, a year-long devotional, walks Christian men through Scripture passages that speak to their most pressing issues. Featuring content from the ESV Men’s Devotional Bible, each single-page daily reading features a short summary of a Bible passage with a thought-provoking message from one of more than forty contributors. Arranged canonically from Genesis to Revelation with short introductions to each Bible book, Daily Strength encourages and enlightens men throughout the year while equipping them for moral and spiritual transformation.

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Habakkuk: Learning to Live by Faith

Lydia Brownback

In this 10-week Bible study for women, Lydia Brownback explores Habakkuk verse by verse, addressing the complex subject of God’s judgment and wrath. Written for individuals or groups, each lesson helps women understand why God allows pain and illness, and how he deals with unrepentant sin. This study also teaches how to wait faithfully for God to answer prayer.

“The brilliant and beautiful mix of sound teaching, helpful charts, lists, sidebars, and appealing graphics—as well as insightful questions that get the reader into the text of Scripture—make these studies that women will want to invest time in and will look back on as time well spent.”
Nancy Guthrie, Bible teacher; author, Even Better than Eden

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A Quest for Godliness: The Puritan Vision of the Christian Life

J. I. Packer

A Quest for Godliness explores the depth and breadth of Puritan spiritual life. Drawing on a lifetime of study, renowned evangelical theologian and church leader J. I. Packer surveys the lives and teachings of great Puritan leaders such as John Owen, Richard Baxter, and Jonathan Edwards. He examines the Puritan view of the Bible, spiritual gifts, the Sabbath, worship, social action, and the family. The Puritans’ faith, Packer argues, stands in marked contrast with the superficiality of modern western Christianity.

“When a giant of the faith speaks of those who are giants of the faith to him, it is time for the rest of us to listen and learn. J. I. Packer’s understanding and appreciation for the Puritans is peerless and timely.”
Os Guinness, author, The Call

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The Uneasy Conscience of Modern Fundamentalism

Carl F. H. Henry

In The Uneasy Conscience of Modern Fundamentalism, theologian Carl F. H. Henry critiques separatist evangelicals and their absence from the social arena, calling on all Christians to unite humanitarianism with Christ-centered leadership to impact the kingdom of God. With cultural and political analysis that is still timely today, he inspires believers to reject pessimism about the human condition and embrace action, responding to global needs and pointing to Christ as the ultimate solution for every social ill.

“First published as a tract for the times in 1947, Carl Henry’s The Uneasy Conscience of Modern Fundamentalism became the charter document for the modern evangelical movement. It remains today as vibrant, prophetic, and necessary as ever. If evangelicalism has a future to reclaim, it will begin by heeding Henry.”
Timothy George, Distinguished Professor of Divinity, Beeson Divinity School, Samford University

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The Emotional Life of Our Lord

B. B. Warfield

In The Emotional Life of Our Lord, theologian B. B. Warfield explains how Christ’s complex emotions and personality proved his humanity. It was necessary for Christ to be born in the likeness of mankind to bear their griefs, carry their sorrows, take their infirmities, and ultimately redeem their lives. In this encouraging book, readers learn to see Christ as a compassionate Savior through his sinless expressions of emotions—from righteous anger to abiding love.

“True ‘classics’ are more than timeless; they are works of exceptional insight and power. These beautiful booklets put before us works that fully deserve the label. Wise, Christ-centered, and full of gospel comfort, they are treasures that will enlarge both the mind and the soul of all who heed them.”
Michael Reeves, President and Professor of Theology, Union School of Theology, UK

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Fighting for Holiness

J. C. Ryle

In this addition to the Crossway Short Classics series, Ryle explains why the fight for holiness is one of absolute necessity for Christians. Identifying the three main enemies of every believer—the world, the flesh, and the devil—he emboldens them to “either fight or be lost” in their daily battle and offers biblical and historical examples of notable Christian “soldiers.” Fighting for Holiness is a bold reminder for believers to daily put on the whole armor of God and train their eyes on Christ.

“We followers of Christ are not always good these days at hearing the wisdom of godly voices from the past. This series of historic writings provides an accessible, beautiful way for us to listen. You can read one of these small treasures in an hour—and the benefits will be large. These writers call us to gospel truth and gospel life in Christ. Hearing their voices is good for our souls.”
Kathleen Nielson, author; speaker

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The Saints' Everlasting Rest

Richard Baxter, Abridged by Tim Cooper

The Saints’ Everlasting Rest meditates on what Scripture reveals about heaven, helping believers live an abundant, God-honoring life in anticipation of eternal rest. Baxter encourages readers not to become distracted or discouraged by the temporal as he refocuses their minds on the eternal. Confronting difficult topics including sin, suffering, and fear of death, he also emphasizes God’s sufficient grace and how the promise of heaven enriches life on earth.

“The Saints’ Everlasting Rest is a classic treatise on a favorite Puritan topic: the glory of being with Christ forever. Richard Baxter not only teaches us about heaven in a manner that fans hope into flame, but he also teaches us how to meditate on heaven so that we can enjoy a foretaste of it already on earth. Tim Cooper has done us a great service in distilling Baxter’s one thousand–plus pages of seventeenth-century Puritan prolixity into a small and accessible book. May this burning coal ignite a fire in many hearts today!”
Joel R. Beeke, President and Professor of Systematic Theology and Homiletics, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary; author, Reformed Preaching; coauthor, Reformed Systematic Theology

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The Life of God in the Soul of Man

Henry Scougal

In The Life of God in the Soul of Man, Scougal cuts through false ideas about religion and demonstrates how to pursue true unity with God. He explains that religion shouldn’t be primarily focused on restraining or dictating outward behavior, but living a divine life characterized by faith, a love for God and others, purity, and humility. As it did for the recipient of Scougal’s original letter, this book challenges believers to turn from empty religion and allow the Holy Spirit to conform them into Christ’s glorious image.

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The Lord's Work in the Lord's Way and No Little People

Francis A. Schaeffer

This short book includes an excerpt from Schaeffer’s sermon, “The Lord’s Work in the Lord’s Way,” plus 2 sermons from the book No Little People. Covering topics including humility and servanthood, Christian office, spiritual battles, and trusting God’s methods, Schaeffer encourages pastors, students, and church members to live as consecrated people, working humbly for God’s approval instead of human praise.

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