Picture Books for Kids

The King and the Dragon

James Shrimpton

With a memorable and rhyming style, this short and engaging picture book is ideal for teaching children ages 3–5 about God’s victory over the devil and what it means for them today. 

The Sower

Scott James

Scripture paints a vivid picture of God as gardener and cultivator. This book introduces this imagery to readers ages 5–10 in a lyrical, engaging style to help them understand the story of redemption and see God’s creative work in the world.

Polly and the Screen Time Overload

Betsy Childs Howard

This picture book uses simple language and beautiful illustrations to introduce children ages 3–7 to the idea that they need self-control and discernment in the way they use and enjoy technology. A TGC Kids book.

The Biggest Story Bible Storybook

Kevin DeYoung

This beautifully illustrated book by Kevin DeYoung combines 104 easy-to-read stories from Scripture with artwork by Don Clark, helping children ages 6–12 learn the unified story of the Bible.

The Promise

Jason Helopoulos

Featuring beautiful illustrations by Rommel Ruiz, this book invites children ages 6–12 to learn that Jesus is the promised one and invites them to know him personally.

Sophie and the Heidelberg Cat

Andrew Wilson

This book, meant to be read aloud to children ages 4–7, communicates rich theology and the gospel of grace through a conversation between a guilty child and a talking cat.

A Hat for Ivan

Max Lucado

This abridged version of a classic heartwarming tale captures the truth that God has made everyone for a special purpose. Redesigned with a new cover.

The Biggest Story

Kevin DeYoung

Featuring chapters that are short enough to be read in one sitting, this illustrated Bible storybook imaginatively retells the biblical narrative in one continuous story, helping kids connect the dots from Genesis to Revelation.

The Barber Who Wanted to Pray

R. C. Sproul

A beautifully illustrated tale from R. C. Sproul that teaches children to pray from the Bible. One day Martin Luther’s barber asks him how to pray, and his life is changed.

Big Truths for Little Kids

Susan Hunt, Richie Hunt

How we live is based on what we believe. Susan Hunt’s book helps parents teach their kids basic truths of faith. Each lesson has a story featuring two youngsters, Caleb and Cassie, that shows how truth can be applied even at a young age.

You Are Special

Max Lucado

Follow the young Wemmick Punchinello as he discovers the source of his worth—his Creator. This beautifully illustrated tale communicates to children that God loves them regardless of how the world evaluates them. The first in Max Lucado’s Wemmicks series.

Bible History ABCs

Stephen J. Nichols

This one-of-a-kind ABC book follows the timeline of the Bible from A to Z, containing corresponding Scripture passages, descriptions, classical fine art, and whimsical illustrations. Written for kids up to age 7, but engaging enough for the whole family.

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