Picture Books for Kids

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Jesus and the Gift of Friendship

Trillia Newbell

In this thoughtful children’s book, kids ages 3–6 join Zeke on his journey to find close friends. Along the way, he develops unlikely friendships and discovers Jesus is his dearest friend and ultimate provider.

God, You Are

William R. Osborne

In this book, William R. Osborne uses a clear and warm style to provide a distinct connection between the gospel and God’s goodness, holiness, and mercy as seen in the “You Are” statements found in the Psalms.

The King and the Dragon

James Shrimpton

With a memorable and rhyming style, this short and engaging picture book is ideal for teaching children ages 3–5 about God’s victory over the devil and what it means for them today. 

Arlo and the Great Big Cover-Up

Betsy Childs Howard

In easy-to-understand language and engaging images, this storybook shows children ages 3–7 the freedom that comes through confessing sin rather than trying to cover it up. A TGC Kids book.

Charlie and the Preschool Prodigal

Ginger M. Blomberg

This TGC Kids book retells the story of the prodigal son in an engaging and easily understandable way, spurring thoughtful discussion between parents and children ages 3–7 as they learn about sin, grace, and the unconditional love of God. 

Lucy and the Saturday Surprise

Melissa B. Kruger

Through the story of Lucy, a little girl trapped in the pattern of envy—see, covet, take, and hide—this TGC Kids book teaches children ages 3–7 how to confess their sins and live with gratitude.

Meg Is Not Alone

Megan Hill

With the captivating story of a little girl whose parents mistakenly leave her at church, this TGC Kids picture book illustrates Jesus’s command to “love one another,” showing children ages 3–7 that God has provided the church to be their loving community. 

Polly and the Screen Time Overload

Betsy Childs Howard

This picture book uses simple language and beautiful illustrations to introduce children ages 3–7 to the idea that they need self-control and discernment in the way they use and enjoy technology. A TGC Kids book.

The Big Picture Story Bible

David R. Helm

Designed for kids ages 2–7, this children’s Bible presents the remarkable true story of God's love for the world from both the Old and New Testaments with simple words and striking illustrations.

The Promise

Jason Helopoulos

Featuring beautiful illustrations by Rommel Ruiz, this book invites children ages 6–12 to learn that Jesus is the promised one and invites them to know him personally.

You Are Special

Max Lucado

This special paperback gift edition of a beloved storyteller’s bestselling classic will point children and adults to the important truth that everyone is special, no matter what.

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