For Those Interested in Systematic Theology

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Systematic Theology

Robert Letham

This single-volume systematic theology seeks to provide a clear and concise articulation of the Reformed faith, rooted in historical teaching while addressing current challenges in the life of the church.

Creeds, Confessions, and Catechisms

Chad Van Dixhoorn

Creeds, Confessions, and Catechisms gathers 13 of Christian history's most important documents—including the Apostles’ Creed, the Belgic Confession, and the Heidelberg Catechism—into one beautiful collection.

The Atonement

Jeremy Treat

In this addition to the Short Studies in Systematic Theology series, pastor Jeremy Treat gives a foundational understanding of what Scripture teaches and what the church confesses about the doctrine of atonement.


Thomas R. Schreiner, Graham A. Cole, Oren R. Martin

In this addition to the Short Studies in Systematic Theology series, Thomas R. Schreiner examines the biblical and historical background of the doctrine of justification.


Andrew David Naselli

In this addition to the Short Studies in Systematic Theology series, Andrew David Naselli carefully examines the doctrine of predestination and encourages believers to respond in worship.

The Holy Spirit

Fred Sanders

In this addition to the Short Studies in Systematic Theology series, Fred Sanders teaches readers how to hold a proper understanding of both the person and power of the Holy Spirit, exploring his role in both the Old and New Testaments. 

The Existence and Attributes of God

Stephen Charnock, Mark Jones

This two-volume set, edited by Mark Jones, contains an updated and unabridged edition of Charnock's work, Discourses upon the Existence and Attributes of God, written to instruct and encourage Christians through exegetical commentary and pastoral application.

Christianity and Science

Herman Bavinck, N. Gray Sutanto, James Eglinton, Cory C. Brock

In this edited and translated edition of Christian Scholarship, Calvinist theologian Herman Bavinck explores how the Christian faith benefits higher learning, particularly religious studies, natural sciences, and the humanities.

None Like Him

Jen Wilkin

This exploration of ten attributes that belong to God alone reminds us of why our limits are a good thing in light of God’s limitlessness—celebrating the freedom that comes from letting God be God.

In His Image

Jen Wilkin

This book by the best-selling author of Women of the Word explores ten attributes of God that Christians are called to reflect, helping readers discover freedom and purpose in becoming all that God made them to be.

The Church, the Scriptures, and the Sacraments

John Owen, Andrew M. Leslie

Volume 28 of The Complete Works of John Owen explores Owen’s work on topics including the integrity of Scripture, the nature and celebration of the sacraments, and practical church matters.

Apostasy from the Gospel

John Owen, Joel R. Beeke

Volume 14 of The Complete Works of John Owen explores the dangers of heresy and the importance of preserving the purity of Christian doctrine, holiness, and worship. It has been edited for modern readers by Joel R. Beeke.

The Holy Spirit—The Comforter

John Owen, Andrew S. Ballitch

Volume 8 of The Complete Works of John Owen explores the Holy Spirit’s role in prayer, assuring salvation, and equipping the church for ministry. These 3 treatises have been edited for modern readers by Puritan scholar Andrew S. Ballitch.

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