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Don’t Follow Your Heart

A. Craig Troxel

The advice to listen to your heart is not only common, but it has also been exalted to a sacrosanct place of moral authority in our culture.

The Contagion of Grace

Rosaria Butterfield

When Jesus walked the earth, he wasn’t afraid to touch hurting people. He drew people in close. He met them empty and left them full and turned everything upside down.

God Meets Us in Our Ambition

Jon Dennis

The Bible teaches that heaven has come down to us most wonderfully and assuredly in the person of Jesus Christ, to bring us back up to heaven.

5 Myths about C. S. Lewis

Harry Lee Poe

In spite of C. S. Lewis’s fame, several myths have attached themselves to him which might give an unbalanced view of the man who wrote the Chronicles of Narnia.

Christian Economics 101

Greg Forster

With a Christian perspective, we can see the economy as a social web that God has created for people to serve each other with their work.