Teenagers and the Dangers of Relativism

Redefining Truth and Love

Dealing with our sin is an obstacle that everyone who is following Christ has to face. For young people, there are two pretty big things that I’ve definitely dealt with, and I know others have dealt with, too.

The first is a redefinition of truth in our culture. It’s increasingly difficult to boldly and publicly say that you’re a Christian and not get ridiculed for being intolerant or bigoted for saying that you have the only truth and that there is an absolute standard of morality.

Dealing with our sin is an obstacle that everyone who is following Christ has to face.

The culture has totally shifted away from that Christian view and it’s made believing in truth a difficult thing. So, for young people who are trying to follow Christ, to pursue, live, and say the truth, that’s a serious obstacle.

This Changes Everything

Jaquelle Crowe

Written by a teenager for teenagers, This Changes Everything is a deeply theological yet practical and accessible book on how the gospel radically transforms every aspect of the teen years.

Second is a redefinition of love, and marriage in particular. The government is trying to redefine marriage as an institution instead of what God has laid out in his Word. That’s just hard for young people who are coming of age in a time when we're starting to pursue romantic relationships and get out into the world and interact with more and more people. That can be a serious obstacle to someone who is trying to follow Christ faithfully.

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