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We Were Made for Intimacy

Created to Be Close

We were made for closeness to others and to God through Christ, and yet it doesn’t always feel as though we can grasp God’s nearness to us. Though God desires intimacy and fellowship with us, it’s not uncommon for us to feel as though he is distant. In his book Created to Draw Near: Our Life as God’s Royal Priests Edward T. Welch says:

To be close to God is certainly a human desire, but intimacy with someone you can’t see has its challenges, and intimacy when you feel a bit guilty is even more challenging. This intimacy, however, is the Christian hope, and we will not give up on it.

Created to Draw Near

Edward T. Welch

This meditative and devotional book traces iterations of the priestly job description throughout the Bible, helping believers discover their identity as royal priests who were created to draw near to God.

Scripture says that the Spirit of God helps us to know and feel the presence of God when we believe him when he says he is near. In Christ, we are deemed royal priests and are given direct access to our Father.

In the video above, Welch explains how our innate human desires for closeness mirror God’s own—and he delights to be near to us.

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