What Tom Brady Can Teach Us about Contentment

Isn't There More Than This?

One professional figure that has spoken articulately about deep discontent in the midst of great success in a way that you might resonate with is Tom Brady, who has won five Super Bowls as of right now.

He made it to the top and thought “There’s got to be more than this.”

Here’s a guy who has more money than he or his children will ever need, he’s been named MVP multiple times, he’s won five Super Bowl rings, he’s married to a supermodel, he has a beautiful house—he has it all. From a human perspective, he’s climbed to the top of the mountain. But it’s like he’s scratching his head with his five Super Bowl rings, grumbling, and saying, “There’s got to be more than this.” It’s like he’s watched an overhyped movie.

Chasing Contentment

Erik Raymond

In this immensely practical and encouraging book, Erik Raymond establishes what contentment is and how to learn it, teaching us to trust in the God who keeps his promises rather than our changing circumstances.

This is a common theme for those who’ve reached the top. If you have gotten to that place, it is actually a tremendous blessing. You’ve seen the hole in the bottom and now the answer is to go to what the Bible says, which provides not only a diagnosis of the problem, but a solution to the problem.

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