1 Corinthians: The Word of the Cross

By Stephen T. Um, Series edited by R. Kent Hughes

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The issues addressed in the the book of 1 Corinthians are strikingly similar to the issues faced by the Church today: sin, pride, disunity, and confused identities. Paul warns the Corinthians with words of exhortation, but not without profound encouragement. In doing so, he points modern readers to the hope offered to Christians as they follow Jesus in a fallen world.

In this commentary, pastor Stephen Um uses powerful illustrations and practical applications to point readers and teachers of the Bible to the heart of Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians: the gospel of Jesus Christ that has the power to save, change, and unite God’s people.

Part of the Preaching the Word series.

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Stephen T. Um

Stephen Um (PhD, University of St. Andrews) is the author of Micah for You and 1 Corinthians in the Preaching the Word series. Stephen and his wife, Kathleen, live in Boston, Massachusetts, with their three daughters.

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Published: November 30, 2015

Table of Contents

  1. Surprised by Encouragement (1:1–9)
  2. The Appeal of Unity (1:10–17)
  3. Rewriting the Storyline (1:18—2:5)
  4. A New Understanding of Community (2:6–16)
  5. God-Given Growth (3:1–9)
  6. The Architecture of Community (3:10–23)
  7. A Proper Evaluation (4:1–13)
  8. The Indispensability of Authority (4:14–21)
  9. The Grace of Discipline (5:1–13)
  10. Grace and Grievances (6:1–11)
  11. Sex (6:12–20)
  12. The Beauty of Marriage (7:1–16)
  13. On Calling (7:17–24)
  14. Singleness (7:25–40)
  15. The Right Use of Rights (8:1–13)
  16. The End(s) of Entitlement (9:1–18)
  17. An Effective Witness (9:19–27)
  18. Escaping Idolatry (10:1–22)
  19. The Glory of God and the Good of Neighbor (10:23—11:1)
  20. Issues in the Worshiping Community (11:2–16)
  21. Discerning the Body (11:17–34)
  22. A Gift-Giving God (12:1–11)
  23. The Gift of Interdependence (12:12–31a)
  24. What Is Love? (12:31b—13:13)
  25. An Upbuilding Project (14:1–25)
  26. Order out of Chaos (14:26–40)
  27. The Power of the Gospel (15:1–11)
  28. Resurrection (15:12–34)
  29. The Resurrection Body (15:35–49)
  30. Victory over Death (15:50–58)
  31. A Community of Reconciliation (16:1–11)
  32. A Common Bond (16:12–24)


“Stephen Um’s dynamic ministry in downtown Boston is grounded in his faithful, weekly ministry of the Word of God. His experience there makes him an ideal expositor of 1 Corinthians, because today’s secular city is an ideal context for understanding and applying the same gospel message that Paul first preached to the Christians in cosmopolitan Corinth.”
Philip Graham Ryken, President, Wheaton College

1 Corinthians: The Word of the Cross is not only a journeyman’s exposition of 1 Corinthians; it’s also a demonstration of a culturally astute pastor at work. Stephen Um combines his pastor’s heart, his disciplined mind, and his communicator’s gifts to bring us a commentary that will remind the Church of the gospel Paul preached to us.”
George W. Robertson, Senior Minister, First Presbyterian Church, Augusta, Georgia; author, Deuteronomy: More Grace, More Love

“Stephen Um demonstrates the intellect of a scholar, the heart of a pastor, and the experience of the city to relate the truths of the gospel for city dwellers of the apostles’ time that were no less cultured, urbane, or sophisticated than we imagine ourselves to be.”
Bryan Chapell, Stated Clerk, Presbyterian Church in America

“Stephen Um’s pastoral and preaching ministry has been a bright spot in the evangelical world. I have benefited from his wisdom and insights for a long time, so I am glad to see the arrival of this volume. Pastors will benefit from Um’s ability to apply the Biblical text to the human heart and the idols of our culture. Stephen is a wise exegete and good pastor.”
John Starke, Lead Pastor, Apostles Church, New York City; author, The Possibility of Prayer

“There is a long history of informed, edifying biblical expositions that have been mightily used for God to shape and strengthen the church. These volumes admirably fit this tradition.”

D. A. Carson

Cofounder and Theologian-at-Large, The Gospel Coalition