1 Samuel (Redesign): Looking for a Leader

By John Woodhouse, Series edited by R. Kent Hughes

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The Old Testament book of 1 Samuel records the story of three important leaders in Israel’s history: Samuel, Saul, and David. The lives of these flawed men showcase God’s gracious response to ancient Israel’s leadership crisis, offering valuable lessons related to why leaders fail, the impact this failure can have on God's people, and what it means to model godly leadership—even today.

In this accessible commentary, John Woodhouse shows how 1 Samuel reveals the importance of true leadership and the character of the godly leader. More significantly, this volume points forward to Jesus Christ, the fulfillment of God’s promises to his people and the only perfect leader the world has ever known.

Those who preach and teach God's Word will find this an invaluable resource as they seek to help others embrace 1 Samuel's timely message.

Part of the Preaching the Word series.


John Woodhouse

John Woodhouse (DPhil, Victoria University of Manchester) served as principal of Moore Theological College in Sydney, Australia, from 2002 to 2013. Previously, he worked in pastoral ministry in a suburb of Sydney. He has published articles in various academic journals and is the author of three volumes in Crossway’s Preaching the Word commentary series.

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Published: November 30, 2014

Table of Contents

Part 1: Samuel: The Leader God Provided (1—7)

  1. The Leadership Crisis (1:1, 2)
  2. Does God Care? (1:3–28)
  3. The God of Knowledge (2:1–10)
  4. Corruption and Ineptitude (2:11–26)
  5. God and Corruption (2:27–36)
  6. When God Speaks (3)
  7. The Problem of the Power of God, Part 1 (4:1–11)
  8. Where Is the Glory? (4:12–22)
  9. The Problem of the Power of God, Part 2 (5)
  10. Knowing the Power of God (6)
  11. Effective Leadership (7)

Part 2: Saul: The Leader the People Asked For (8—15)

  1. The Leader Israel Wanted (8)
  2. Lost Donkeys and the Word of God (9)
  3. The Secret of the Kingdom (10:1–16)
  4. The King and the Kingdom (10:17–27)
  5. The Kingdom at War (11:1–11)
  6. Kingdom Renewal, Part 1 (11:12–15)
  7. Kingdom Renewal, Part 2 (12)
  8. 19 The Fool (13)
  9. A Leader Who Trusted God (14:1–23)
  10. Disobedience and Foolishness (14:24–52)
  11. The Leader Who Let Them Down (15:1–11
  12. The Rejected King (15:12–35)

Part 3: David: The Leader “According to God’s Own Heart” (16—31)

  1. Seeing as God Sees (16:1–13)
  2. Two Kings: A Confusing World (16:14–23)
  3. The Enemy (17:1–11)
  4. The God of the Unexpected (17:12–30)
  5. The Gospel of David (17:31–40)
  6. David and Goliath (17:41–58)
  7. Do You Love Him? (18:1–16)
  8. Love Him or Fear Him (18:17–30)
  9. “. . . Against the Lord and against His Anointed” (19:1–10)
  10. “. . . The Lord Holds Them in Derision” (19:11–24)
  11. What Do You Fear? (20:1–23)
  12. “If Anyone Does Not Hate His Own Father . . .” (20:24–42)
  13. “Have You Not Read What David Did?” (21:1–9)
  14. Out of the Frying Pan . . . (21:10–15)
  15. “God Chose What Was Low and Despised in the World” (22:1–5)
  16. The Antichrist (22:6–23)
  17. The Christ Must Suffer (23:1–14)
  18. “Therefore We Do Not Lose Heart” (23:15–29)
  19. “He Did Not Revile in Return” (24)
  20. Vengeance Belongs to the Lord (25)
  21. Righteousness and Faithfulness (26)
  22. Clever and Cunning Success (27)
  23. “Having No Hope and without God” (28)
  24. The “Trial” of David (29)
  25. A King Who Gives (30)
  26. The King Is Dead (31)


“This series resonates with the priorities of the pulpit. No academic aloofness here, but down-to-earth, preacher-to-preacher meat for God’s people.”
Bryan Chapell, Stated Clerk, Presbyterian Church in America

“The single best resource for faithful Biblical exposition available today. A great boon for genuine reformation!”
Timothy George, Distinguished Professor of Divinity, Beeson Divinity School, Samford University

“There is a long history of informed, edifying Biblical expositions that have been mightily used of God to shape and strengthen the Church. These volumes admirably fit this tradition.”
D. A. Carson, Theologian-at-Large, The Gospel Coalition

“Throughout the Christian centuries, working pastors have been proving themselves to be the best of all Bible expositors. Kent Hughes stands in this great tradition, and his exciting expositions uphold it worthily.”
J. I. Packer, Late Board of Governors’ Professor of Theology, Regent College

“It is a pleasure to commend this series of homiletical commentaries. They fill an enormous vacuum that exists between the practical needs of the pastor/teacher and the critical exegetical depth of most commentaries.”
Walter C. Kaiser Jr.President Emeritus and Colman M. Mockler Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Old Testament, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary