Joshua: People of God's Purpose

By David Jackman, Series edited by R. Kent Hughes

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Following closely on the heels of the Exodus story, the book of Joshua recounts the mighty acts of God as he fulfills his promises to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. It is, quite profoundly, a testimony to God’s awesome power and enduring faithfulness.

Written to aid pastors in their preaching and churches in their reading, this accessible commentary guides us through the history of Joshua’s leadership in Israel and God’s direction of his covenant people to their promised “rest” in the land of Canaan.

With warmth and wisdom, David Jackman ultimately encourages us to trust God’s promises more deeply and obey his commands more wholeheartedly—that we might fully enjoy all the blessings secured for us in and through our Joshua—Jesus Christ.

Part of the Preaching the Word series.


David Jackman

David Jackman (MA, Cambridge University) is a renowned Christian speaker and author. After fifteen years in pastoral ministry, he became the founder-director of the Cornhill Training Course in London, a ministry of the Proclamation Trust, of which he was later president. This ministry continues to encourage and equip Bible teachers around the world.

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Published: February 28, 2014

Table of Contents

1.  Overture and Beginners
2.  A Double Commissioning
3.  Inside Enemy Territory
4.  Wonders Among You
5.  A Memorial Forever
6.  Essential Preparations
7.  The Battle That Wasn’t
8.  Tragedy Strikes
9.  Conquest Resumed
10. Covenant Renewed
11. Flattering to Deceive
12. No Day Like It
13. The Southern Conquest
14. The Northern Conquest
15. Receiving the Inheritance
16. Whole-hearted Following
17. The Allotment of the Land
18. Refuge and Residence
19. Unity Reaffirmed
20. Priorities for the Future
21. The Inescapable Choice


“Having been frustrated by so many learned Old Testament commentaries, which may be full of good scholarship but offer little help to preachers, it is a joy to recommend such a fine book, which is so clearly the work of someone who is a very fine preacher himself. It is marked by careful exegesis, which reveals the main thrust of Joshua as a whole and each major section without getting lost in unnecessary details. All the big questions the preacher and congregation will ask are addressed and there are excellent pointers to application. It provides fuel, not only for our preaching, but for our hearts and lives.”
Vaughan Roberts, Rector, St Ebbe’s, Oxford, United Kingdom

“Here is another excellent commentary, which combines great insights of exegesis, theology, relevance, and pastoral application. Every page is enriched by David’s extensive experience and wisdom in understanding and preaching the Bible. This commentary is ideal for those preparing to teach or preach the book of Joshua, as it is also invaluable for Christians who want to understand the book of Joshua and read it for personal encouragement. I praise God for David’s ministry.”
Peter Adam, Vicar Emeritus, St. Jude’s Carlton; Former Principal, Ridley College, Melbourne

“This is a fine addition to the Preaching the Word series. Jackman combines pastoral sensitivity, erudition, and an experienced feel for the text to give us a guide through the life-changing book of Joshua.”
Josh Moody, Senior Pastor, College Church, Wheaton, Illinois; President, God Centered Life Ministries

“As a seasoned pastor and trainer of preachers, David Jackman has a long history of handling God’s Word in ways that benefit the Church. This volume on Joshua only adds to his legacy of gospel usefulness. David’s presentation of the text is clear and accessible. And the road he paves to Christ and the gospel can be trusted. Get it!”
David R. Helm, Senior Pastor, Christ Church Chicago; Chairman, The Charles Simeon Trust

“There is a long history of informed, edifying biblical expositions that have been mightily used for God to shape and strengthen the church. These volumes admirably fit this tradition.”

D. A. Carson

Cofounder and Theologian-at-Large, The Gospel Coalition