5 Ways to Use the ESV Digital Scripture Journal

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Designed from the ground up for use with a digital tablet and stylus, the ESV Digital Scripture Journal is a great resource for students, artists, ministry leaders, seminarians, and academics alike.

Purchase of the ESV Digital Scripture Journal includes 4 separate PDFs, each containing the full text of the ESV Bible: 1) portrait orientation, light mode; 2) portrait orientation, dark mode; 3) landscape orientation, light mode; and 3) landscape orientation, dark mode.

There are countless ways to use the ESV Digital Scripture Journal to dig into God’s Word. Here are five specific ideas:

1. Take sermon notes.

The ESV Digital Scripture Journal is a great place to take sermon notes at church directly beside the relevant biblical passage. Quickly navigate to other passages mentioned in the sermon via the interactive table of contents.

The ESV Digital Scripture Journal is also great for sermon prep.

2. Study the Bible inductively.

The portrait orientation PDF offers wide margins and extra space between lines of text—making it a great option for inductive Bible study. Deepen your understanding of God’s Word by interacting with it in the same way you would a print Bible. Add handwritten notes, highlight favorite verses, and circle key words. Move, resize, and copy/paste your annotations.

3. Keep a prayer journal.

Write out your personal prayers beside corresponding passages of Scripture. Circle, underline, and add the names of people you may be praying for alongside the specific verses that you’re praying through on their behalf.

4. Prepare to teach the Bible.

Use the ample space in both the portrait and landscape orientation PDFs to jot down cross-references, exposit the text, and write out key questions. Copy and paste text from other sources (e.g., commentaries, articles, or books). You can even add additional, blank notes pages wherever they're needed within the biblical text itself. When you're finished, print the pages out for use at the pulpit or as reference when leading a group study.

5. Creatively engage with God’s Word through art journaling.

If you enjoy digital illustration and design, consider using your ESV Digital Scripture Journal for art journaling. Add your own art or calligraphy in and around the biblical text, or add an extra blank notes page to create full-page collages or drawings. Insert images from other sources, including photos. If you make a mistake, quickly erase something from one minute ago, one month ago, or one year ago.

Find more tips, ideas, and tutorials at crossway.org/DigitalScriptureJournal.

NOTE: Use of this product requires a PDF reading/annotation app. Most tablet devices support PDF reading/annotation natively, but additional third-party apps may also be available. Some of the ideas referenced above may depend on features not supported by all apps.

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Introducing the ESV Digital Scripture Journal

Designed from the ground up for use with a digital tablet and stylus, the ESV Digital Scripture Journal is an innovative resource created to maximize the best of the digital Bible and print Bible experience.

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