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Introducing the ESV Digital Scripture Journal

This article is part of the ESV Digital Scripture Journal series.

An Innovative Digital Bible for Your Tablet and Stylus

Whether you’re a commuter riding the morning train to work, a pastor preparing for next week’s sermon, or a parent trying to find time for the Word in your busy schedule, the ESV Digital Scripture Journal provides a flexible, on-the-go journaling experience.

Designed from the ground up for use with a digital tablet and stylus, the ESV Digital Scripture Journal is tailored to take advantage of the portability and dynamic features of a digital Bible without losing the beauty and interactive nature of a traditional print Bible. Featuring larger text for easier reading, plenty of space for notes and artwork, and an easy-to-use table of contents for quick navigation, the ESV Digital Scripture Journal is a great resource for students, artists, ministry leaders, seminarians, and academics alike.

Purchase of the ESV Digital Scripture Journal includes 4 separate PDFs, each containing the full text of the ESV Bible: 1) portrait orientation, light mode; 2) portrait orientation, dark mode; 3) landscape orientation, light mode; and 3) landscape orientation, dark mode. Upon purchase, your order-confirmation email will include a direct link to your digital library, where you can download the files.


  • Compatible with virtually any PDF reading/annotation app
  • Designed to work smoothly on any tablet-sized device
  • Choose from 2 page orientations (portrait or landscape) and 2 color schemes (light mode or dark mode)
  • Add handwritten notes and annotations right next to, and even within, the biblical text
  • Erase, move, and resize your notes and annotations
  • Quickly navigate to any chapter of the Bible from any page via the interactive table of contents
  • Use your PDF reading/annotation app to easily insert a specially designed blank page anywhere if you need additional space for notes related to a specific passage

Download a sample of the full book of Romans and try out the ESV Digital Scripture Journal today!

Visit crossway.org/DigitalScriptureJournal for more tips, ideas, and tutorials related to using the ESV Digital Scripture Journal.

A Discount for Crossway+ Members

Crossway+ members can purchase a copy of the ESV Digital Scripture Journal for just $15.00 (50% off).

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NOTE: Use of this product requires a PDF reading/annotation app. Most tablet devices support PDF reading/annotation natively, but additional third-party apps may also be available. Some of the ideas referenced above may depend on features not supported by all apps.

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