Martin Luther Owned a Dog

Luther’s Furry Friend

A fun fact about Luther is that he had a dog named Tolpel, and he wrote about it.

Many people do not know that he was, in fact, quite a lonely guy. I didn’t know that before I started reading all of his letters. He was lonely, and he discovered it by seeing that a lot of people reacted differently to his messages. Younger colleagues didn't involve him because of the way he was sometimes troublesome.

Luther's loneliness is a little-known but interesting fact about the man.

Martin Luther

Herman Selderhuis

This biography follows Martin Luther on his spiritual journey, revealing his dynamic personality, deep struggles, and durable faith—presenting him first and foremost as a man searching for God.

Famous, Yet Not Heroic

Also, he did not die as a hero. You would expect the most famous man in Europe to be in a central place when he passed away—in Paris, Munich, Vienna, or even, Rome. But, he died in the little town of Eisleben, where he was born.

There was not much press about it. He died while trying to solve a discussion between two brothers, and not on the world’s stage. I think that's a remarkable end that many people don't know.

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