Reading the Bible Is a Discipline, Loving the Bible Is a Gift from God

Bible Reading Is an Action

Reading the Bible is an action. It's something that I do. I have to be the one to make the choice to open my Bible or to sit under the preaching of God's Word. And yet, it's not only that. There is a supernatural reality going on when we open God's Word that we can't see with our eyes. God says that when we open his Word, it's like he is shining light into our hearts.

And so our part is that we come, we obey God's command to take up his Word and feast on it, but only God can do the shining of the supernatural light. We all know what it's like to get up in the morning and to have great intentions. You go down the stairs and think, I'm going to read my Bible today.

Help for the Hungry Soul

Kristen Wetherell

In Help for the Hungry Soul, author Kristen Wetherell offers 8 encouragements to spur an appetite for God’s word—the only thing that can truly satisfy a soul hungry for more.

And you go to the couch and before you know it, you're distracted. Your phone dings in the other room and you're running to see who it is, or your kids come down the stairs. We all have great intentions, but I think that is also really humbling because we realize that unless God gives us that desire, we won't go to his Word—not on our own strength.

God says that when we open his Word, it's like he is shining light into our hearts.

Our hearts are so naturally dull to the most beautiful reality in the universe that we need him to stir our affections. And the way that he does that is by opening his Word. So it's both/and. As we come, God shines his light, and that pattern fuels the desire in our hearts for more of him.

Kristen Wetherell is the author of Help for the Hungry Soul: Eight Encouragements to Grow Your Appetite for God’s Word.

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