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The Gospel in Habbakuk

Julius J. Kim

Like the book of Job, this book presents important gospel truths for people who encounter difficulties that seem incomprehensible.

The Gospel in Nahum

Michael J. Glodo

In a variety of ways, the prophecy of Nahum brings home the gospel and carries along the redemptive story that culminates in Jesus Christ.

The Gospel in Daniel

Bryan Chapell

The “gospel according to Daniel” comes in glowing revelations of the power of God to redeem his people, overcome their enemies, and plan their future.

The Gospel in 1–2 Kings

Miles V. Van Pelt

The clear contrast between God’s covenant-keeping and Israel’s covenant breaking, particularly among Israel’s kings, is perhaps the most important theme in the book of Kings.

The Gospel in Joel

Timothy Z. Witmer

In typical prophetic form, Joel gives his readers both the bad news of God’s judgment and the good news of his promised deliverance.

The Gospel in Zechariah

Iain M. Duguid

Writing to people who were discouraged by living, after the exile, Zechariah encouraged them to look forward to the day when the Lord would act once again.

The Gospel in Hebrews

Robert A. Peterson

While Hebrews clearly makes its own unique contribution, it joins other New Testament books in exulting in the same amazing grace in Jesus that forms the Bible’s main message.

The Gospel in 1 Thessalonians

Burk Parsons

In 1 Thessalonians, Paul cannot stop rejoicing that the gospel came to the Thessalonians in word, in power, and with full conviction by the Holy Spirit.

The Gospel in 1 Peter

Jared C. Wilson

Peter writes to encourage a “mixed bag” of believers with dear but easily forgotten truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Gospel in 1 Timothy

R. Kent Hughes

The thrust of 1 Timothy is that godliness is central to the Christian’s continuing in the gospel and the church’s proclamation of the gospel.

The Gospel in 1–3 John

Mike Bullmore

The word “gospel” never appears in the letters of John. Yet it is hard to imagine a book more intimately connected to the gospel of saving grace in Christ Jesus than John’s first letter.

The Gospel in Jude

Jared C. Wilson

Where is the gospel in Jude’s epistle? In such a compact space, we actually receive a potent portrait of the gospel.

The Gospel in Titus

The book of Titus is a letter from Paul to a young pastor, urging him to lead his people deeper into the gospel.