Tracts for a New Season

A Better Goal

Many of us use a new season as a clean start to hit refresh on our goals: physical, spiritual, relational, and otherwise. But if we’re after true and lasting change, we must pray that the Lord work out our sanctification by his Spirit.

In his book How Does Sanctification Work? David Powlison says:

Becoming more holy does not mean that you become ethereal, ghostly, and detached from the storms of life. It means you are becoming a wiser human being. You are learning how to deal well with your money, your sexuality, your job. You are becoming a better friend and family member. When you talk, your words communicate more good sense, more gravitas, more joy, more reality. You are learning to pray honestly, bringing who God really is to the reality of human need.

The Sources of True Change

This tract highlights the variety of factors that work together as God changes a Christian’s heart.

Share this Hope

Tracts provide a helpful tool in extending this hopeful message with friends, family members, and coworkers as the calendar page turns and people begin to resolve to improve their lives.

“The Source of True Change”
Drawn from David Powlison's book How Does Sanctification Work?, this tract highlights the variety of factors that work together as God works in a Christian’s heart. Each of the five points is paired with key verses that highlight deep truths about what the Bible says about sanctification.

“Finding Contentment”
Based on his book Chasing Contentment, this tract written by Pastor Erik Raymond uses Scripture to reveal that we will never find contentment as long as we look for it in things other than God himself. It presents an offer to trust in the God who is content—the only source of true and lasting contentment.

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