Is There Any Purpose in Our Loneliness?

A Yearning Only One Can Fulfill

God designed us with a God-shaped hole in our hearts. Yes, he has provided marriage and friendship and fellowship as means to provide for our companionship in this life. But even before God brought Eve to Adam, he was created alone. And God said, "It is not good that man is alone." Notice how God created him in that state of aloneness that he then called not good.

That was before the fall. It is interesting that we were originally created by God, alone. The reason God created in this way is so that we will find our all in him. We are not complete apart from God.

We often think we are not complete without another person. And certainly God designed us for companionship with people. However, companionship with other people was never intended to be an end in itself. It is meant to drive us to our deepest fulfillment of loneliness, which is the Lord himself.

Finding God in My Loneliness

Lydia Brownback

Lydia Brownback offers biblical encouragement for women to help them see how God can redeem seasons of loneliness and draw them to the only true and lasting remedy: union with Jesus.

That's why he created us the way he did—so that we will yearn for and recognize our need of something that no human being can fill and that we can't fix ourselves.

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