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The Gospel in Romans

Robert W. Yarbrough

Romans explains the saving work of Jesus reported in the Gospels, and unpacks many of the teachings that were foundational to the churches that arose in Acts.

The Gospel in Esther

Elyse Fitzpatrick

For believers today, the significance of the book of Esther is that it coordinates with the rest of the Old Testament to foreshadow Jesus as deliverer and mediator for God’s people.

The Gospel in Jonah

Colin S. Smith

Once we begin to pull back the layers of the story, we discover that it is not really about what Jonah is doing for God, but what God is doing for Jonah.

The Gospel in 1–2 Samuel

V. Philips Long

In the riveting stories of 1 and 2 Samuel we catch glimpses of who God is, what he does, what life is like with him and without him, and what life can become by his grace and in the power of his Spirit.

The Gospel in Malachi

Iain M. Duguid

The book of Malachi contains six oracles (or disputations) that each begin with a saying of the people, to which the Lord responds through his prophet.

The Gospel in Isaiah

Kelly M. Kapic

Isaiah’s messianic profile informs Christian worship of Jesus as the suffering servant who brings a new creation through his life-giving resurrection.

The Gospel in Numbers

L. Michael Morales

Numbers is especially relevant for God's people in “wilderness” times when we must practice faith and trust in God's guidance and provision.

The Gospel in Galatians

Ian K. Smith

Galatians is a letter is about protecting the truth of the gospel, which declares what God has done in Christ for sinners.

The Gospel in Ezekiel

Greg Gilbert

Understood rightly, however, Ezekiel contains and continues a beautiful story of God’s grace to his undeserving people.

The Gospel in Joshua

Michael Horton

Even Joshua’s name (“Yahweh Saves!”) points away from himself to the real hero of the story. Joshua is a story of grace.

The Gospel in Luke

Jonathan Pennington

Luke’s presentation helps us see clearly that the gospel of Jesus is about the comprehensive blessedness of God available to us through Jesus Christ.

The Gospel in Song of Solomon

Douglas Sean O'Donnell

We gain insight into the loving nature of the God who inspired this Song, and are made able to love him in return although we constantly require his fidelity, protection, and undeserved love.

The Gospel in John

Scotty Ward Smith

Everything John tells us about Jesus leads us to his cross and his empty tomb—to his substitutionary death and glorious resurrection.

The Gospel in Ezra

Kathleen Nielson

God’s covenant promises are gloriously on display as this weak, struggling remnant returns to Jerusalem after the exile to live together again as his people.