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Jim Elliot Was No Fool

Tim Chester

Today marks the 62nd anniversary of the death of Jim Elliot. Read more about this remarkable man and his commitment to see the gospel of Christ proclaimed in all the earth.

When J. I. Packer Walked Out

Sam Storms

“Why I Walked” In 2002, the synod of the Anglican Diocese of New Westminster authorized its bishop to produce a service for blessing same-sex unions, to be used in any parish of the diocese that ...

Bible Study Resources for Women

One of the most important things you can schedule is consistent time in the Bible. How will you prioritize God's Word this fall?

A Brief History of "Joy to the World"

Greg Forster

An Accidental Classic Did you know that “Joy to the World” was not written as a Christmas carol? In its original form, it had nothing to do with Christmas. It wasn’t even written to ...

The Origins of the Red-Letter Bible

The Central Figure of Jesus Red-letter Bibles have become so common that it's easy to assume they have been around for as long as Bibles have been printed. Not so! The first red-letter New ...