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5 Myths about Calvinism

Greg Forster

In all the areas of theology where Calvin made his most distinguishing contributions, we see the exaltation of the work of the Spirit driving his analysis.

5 Myths about Abortion

Scott Klusendorf

A lot of misinformation exists related to abortion. Here are 5 common myths that many people—pro-choice and pro-life alike—often believe.

5 Myths about the Bible

Chris Bruno

The Bible tells one story of the one God who is redeeming one people in his one creation through the one Savior Jesus Christ. The unity of the Bible is breathtakingly joyous.

5 Myths about Seminary

Jeff Robinson Sr.

Seminary can by no means teach a minister everything he needs to know, but it puts strong tools in his box to set him up for a lifetime of learning and growing in the Lord.

5 Myths about Christian Publishing

The gospel transforms everything in the universe, including publishing. Everything else is to be considered downstream.

5 Myths about John Calvin

Michael A. G. Haykin

Like many larger-than-life figures in the history of the church, the memory of the French Reformer John Calvin has been subjected to various distortions that amount to urban legends.

5 Myths about Homemaking

Abigail Dodds

When we make a home for others, we are often doing small and unseen work humanly speaking, but the meaning behind the work is never small.

5 Myths about Science

J. P. Moreland

Churches should teach and disciple Christians how to critique the cultural ideas that are influencing people away from the faith.

5 Myths about Missions

Andy Johnson

Each myth of missions, if left uncorrected, will likely tend toward a weakening of biblical missionary labor and a reliance on our own wisdom and methods.

5 Myths about Leisure

Shona Murray

Is leisure something we really need? As Christians, we perhaps struggle with the concept, but it is vitally important.